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Thanks for all the kind words guys. It is a cool little gun with an ugly bore that still shoots very well. That target was 7-10yds with only 4 going out of the bull. I had a few light primer strikes, so I ordered the Wolf spring kit to replace the the recoil guide spring and striker springs. It won’t replace my G42 for everyday carry here in warm sunny Florida, but will ride along with it Big Grin.
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Beautiful Vest Pocket, but it might actually be 97 years old. Serial number indicates 1923. I could be wrong.

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Years ago, I was gifted a Fraser (aka Bauer, now out of business, IIRC) all-stainless clone of the Baby Browning. Other than the occasional slide bite, it's a fun little pistol. Your Colt is beautiful!
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Nice looking gun. I also have a Colt 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol manufactured in 1909 25 cal.

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Very nice. That’s one of those guns I’ve always wanted but don’t know why. It’s a very cool piece.

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Did they re stamp all the lettering and serial number too? The font looks much different than any of my 1908's and others from that time period.

They certainly are great little shooters, even if the caliber is tiny and slow. They make great "vegas" pocket guns.
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That’s an elegant little pistol. Very clean design.

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