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I must say I have found some great deals this year. I traded a home built 10.3” upper for this Colt and got $100 cash to boot Big Grin. The owner said when he received it many years ago , the nickel finish was in ok shape, but he sent it to Fords for a brushed nickel refinish. They could not save the Rampant Pony, but the gun looks good and shoots very well. I know it has zero collector value, but fits anywhere. It beats a sharp stick and was wayyyy more pleasant to shoot than my LCP. I’m fairly certain I have about $275 into this gun.

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I love it! Thank you for sharing. I have a thing for small pocket pistols.
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Very nice!

Those little .25's from the days of yore tend to get completely overlooked today, but I think they still have a place in modern society. As Para once said, and I paraphrase: "You and I will be dust in the ground and yet, the .25 ACP will still be putting holes in people."
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I too like such old pocket guns. I have never found a small 22 that was reliable. 25 has a place in teeny guns.
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A great find in what appears to be excellent condition.
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Tupperware Dr.
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Nice pick up! That’s a sweet little pistol.
I like the mini guns too, a Beretta 950 .25 is in the rotation.
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My other Sig is a Steyr...
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Great find! Hope you enjoy your new toy
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Very Nice! Congratulations.

Warning...SiGs are addictive, keep out of the reach of adults!

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That's awesome. I've wanted one for a while now. Congrats. And thanks for making my day with the great photos.
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What a beautiful Colt.

Niech Zyje P-220

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What a beauty.....I wouldn't care that it's not a collector at all. Congrats on the find.
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That is very cool! Cool

Thank you for sharing.

You did very well.


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Nice gun! I'd have done that deal in a heart beat.

I wonder if Colt would re-stamp the rampant pony for you? It would still be a refinished gun, but that's such a cool mark.

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[Quietly drools in the background]

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Great score! My dad carried one of those for as long as I can remember. I would like to find one of my own someday.
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I like it! Cool little gun!


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At the very ripe old age of 94 I would think you could afford a more modern conceal carry weapon. Smile
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Waiting for Hachiko
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Very nice example of a popular little pistol.

One thing stands out to me, the roll markings are very crisp and clear. Ford's did an excellent job of preserving them.

Most guns of that era also have corroded barrels, from corrosive ammo and lack of maintenance.

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Your post gave me a chuckle. I was at a very large gun shop yesterday and the only ammo they had in stock was .25 Auto.
Good catch .
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