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The Whack-Job
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A guy came into the shop today and sold us 4 Sigs. The one that caught my eye was a C3 45. It had the silver slide, black frame, Novak night sights and an AMBI SAFETY! Smile

Nice pistol! It felt good in the hand, had a nice crisp trigger and had not been shot much. It was carried a bunch, judging from the wear on the frame and frontstrap checkering.

I will find out Tuesday whether I can buy it and for how much. And I will be reading C3 reviews all weekend to help me make an informed decision. Righ now though, I got gun lust - BAD! Wink Regards 18DAI

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Originally posted by Dusty78:
Springfield announced the new Ronin Operator today. Street price for both 9mm and 45 is $700. Looks like a winner.


Originally posted by sprg03-A3:
Just to clarify: The Colt I looked at was not a GI replica, but a Gold Cup!

My options are a bit limited as I am not interested in adding a caliber by buying a .45. I own several 9mm pistols and a P220 Elite SAO in 10mm, and my choices are limited accordingly. Having said that the SIGs are as tight as every other 1911 that I have looked at, with the possible exception of a couple of Kimbers, which seem very well fitted. Very nice pistols but not sold on Kimber as the one I owned prior wouldn’t run reliably.

Yes. Saw that! Looks pretty darn good.
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Spiritually Imperfect
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Originally posted by 18DAI:
The one that caught my eye was a C3 45.

One of the (very) few guns I truly regret selling. The C3s are excellent values and pretty well put together.
IF Sig were to offer a 9mm C3...I'd be all over it.
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Sig came very late to the 1911 market. The target audience is very loyal and are wary of newcomers. Then to build it to modified specs has virtually caused it's demise.
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I am not an 1911 guy and not wealthy so I would not want to buy/sell multiple models of multiple brands to find the best-for-me 1911. Therefore I would rely on the opinions of the more knowledgable posters online. From readings online... Firstly, Series 80 are disfavored compared to Series 70. Secondly, brand longevity and loyalty; Colt, DW, EB, LB, SA, and many others preceded Sig. Thirdly, the first impression effect. Some of the first Granite State Rail (GSR) pistols had mis-aligned parts. That problem was about 20 years ago, I guess, but the fear of buying a lemon, however miniscule, remains.

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I had a Fastback Carry, which was ok, but not great.

But one day, while pretty sure I was gonna come home with a TRP or Gold Cup, I impulse bought a Nitron Nickel SIG. It's plenty cheaper than the TRP or Gold Cup, comes with night sights, a checkered front strap, magwell, needs nothing out of the box and shoots great. I absolutely love this gun. I kind of feel like I got in at a great price point before SIG 1911s became recognized for the excellent 1911s they are. That SIG is trying to be all things to all people is a separate matter. But their current 1911s are solid and a relative bargain.
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My GSR Revolution (non-MIM parts) initially suffered from light strikes. Sent it back to SIG, they replaced the series 80 levers with properly sized ones and sent it back.
I stopped counting rounds many, many years ago after it fed, fired and ejected 1k rounds without a single hitch. The holster “problem” was cured by just ordering one from High Noon.

After the initial problem it has been as good a 1911 as my other one with the little horsey on the slide...which is looser than the SIG and cost more.

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They don't offer one in 38 Super. Frown

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I own two 1911's, a 1970's era, Colt Combat Commander in 45 ACP and a SIG Sauer 1911 Super Target. While I love the old Colt, it does not compare to the reliability, accuracy and good looks of the SIG. I compete with the SIG, have 3500 plus, flawless, rounds through it to date. It is my favorite pistol.

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