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Like the Springer Precision variety, etc.

What's out there on the market, which ones expand capacity? If I have a 17 rounder, what all do I need aside from the baseplates?


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Obsidian Arms makes a bunch. None of them expand capacity.
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I have the Springer Precision aluminum baseplates on all of my 320 mags. I bought the 1/4" version, rather than the 3/8" one. 1/4" is plenty to "stick out" to give you a clean insert. Even with their magwell installed, it is still plenty, and it all fits in the IDPA box. Neither adds extra capacity. For an extra $1 per baseplate, they will laser engrave numbers on the bottom for you, sequential if you wish, or any other sequence (number them all #8 if you wish). Smile
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Springer is really the OG in the business, and probably the most recognized (along with TT) in the competition circles. And he is a really nice guy. Some of these other companies may have great products but I trust Springer a whole lot more than some of these day before yesterday companies.


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You can also get Springer baseplates that are engraved with the Gray Guns logo.

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