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I'd hold off and check back in a couple of weeks. It might not be ripe yet... Roll Eyes
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Originally posted by PD:
How sad. There should be a law against that.

Right there with you. Damn, that stings. About on par with the Desert Eagle some guy had a bipod or sling swivel welded to that’s been sitting in a local shop for several years. Not sure which it is, but it looks like ass.
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It definitely isn't for me either, but then everyone has different tastes and preferences.

Eventually someone will come along and buy it and think it's the neatest gun ever.
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War Damn Eagle!
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It's stuff like this that makes me avoid the front page of Gunbroker. Eek

Cerakoting comes in a very close second to the Dremel as far as travesties committed on guns goes. Big Grin

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Somebody will buy fact, it looks like somebody did once. Status shows, Used.


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Originally posted by Dusty78:
Originally posted by gunguru123:
To each their own but not so sure as to why so expensive. Not for me.

To be fair this store is not cheap. Usually sell at MSRP or above.

Um...what so 'fair' about that?

I guess someone hifallutin' at that shop thought that shade of Banana Vanilla Creme is in vogue these days. Oh, how the Haute Couture class roll...
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How do you remove Cerakote?

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this is my pet peeve on guns. people will have perfectly good good guns. like new in the box or pristine west german sigs and they will refinish them with cerakrap!!!! way to diminish the finish and lower the value of the gun!!!

an aquantice from work did a cheap ak in pink and purple digital camo duracoat and was trying to sell it for 2400.00. wtf!!!
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