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The Unknown
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Has anyone who actually purchased one regretted their decision? Any after-market blues?

I truly enjoy an accurate and easy to shoot pistol. I’ve been thinking of a few models, but the X5 checks most of my boxes.

I’d like to hear good or bad from anyone who has actually bought one or shot one extensively.

This is not for self defense or carry, those bases are well covered. Just looking to get one for the pure enjoyment of shooting a well made and accurate gun.

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Giftedly Outspoken
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I have two of them and really enjoy shooting them.

The first one I bought (brand new), was kept stock for about a year. My only dislike was for how narrow the front sight was as I never shot a precision sight like it before. I swapped out the front sight for a Night Fision sight and the rear adjustable sight plate was swapped out for a fixed rear night sight. I then added a Streamlight TLR1HL light and now its a home defense pistol.

I picked up a slightly used one less than a year ago and that one is still stock and is just a range fun gun.

I haven't had any issues with either but I do know some people have reported issues with them feeding 115gr rounds.

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I bought one with the intention of using it for IDPA and PPC. It's 100% stock still after 1500 rounds, and it took me awhile to get used to the front sight, it's the thinnest one I have ever seen. Once I got it dialed in, it does it's part if I do mine. Dialed it in with the adjustable sights with 147grains, and it holds true with 115 and 124 as well. The trigger unlike most stryker fired units, is actually very nice. Not 1911 nice, but nice enough to just leave it stock and shoot it.

Hardest thing was finding a quality holster for it. Thank you Red Hill Tactical lol, 30 days later, I have it all set.
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I have 2 of them that are used for only for Carry Optics division in USPSA and Steel Challenge.

The first one I bought I pre-ordered as soon as they were announced and received one from the first batches shipped. As soon as I got it I cleaned and lubed it and headed to the range and put about 200 rounds of 124 gr Speer Lawman through it and then about 50 rounds of my USPSA load through it which at the time was 124 gr Montana Gold HP with 4.0 grains of Titegroup. I was a little worried about all of the claims of them being tight and not going back into battery but I never had any of those issues. The gun ran great and is very accurate.

That 1st gun has since had my Grayguns tuned trigger group from my first P320 put into it, guide rod replaced with a tungsten guide rod and 12lb spring, original grip weight replaced with a tungsten slug and rear sight removed and replaced with a Vortex Venom 6 MOA dot and adapter plate from Springer Precision. Since I don't live very close to a range I have just shy of 10,000 rounds through it and about triple that of dry fire through it and it is still going strong. No issues with it other than like 3 or 4 light strikes and who knows what caused them. Could have been dead primers, me riding the slide and things not getting reset properly, who knows. They were all during matches and you do funny things to guns when under speed and pressure to cause malfunctions.

The 2nd gun was purchased as a backup and what many referred to as a 2nd gen gun because it has the black barrel and all of the trigger and under slide cuts that were the results of the drop safe problems Sig had with the P320's. That gun has had the guide rod replaced with a tunsten guide rod and 12lb spring, I replaced all of the trigger parts with a Grayguns trigger and spring kit and the rear sight has been replaced with a Vortex Venom 6 MOA dot and adapter plate from Springer Precision. I've got a little over 2,000 rounds through that gun and it has run flawless since I've got it. Just as accurate as the 1st one and I know I can rely on it in a match if my primary goes down for any reason.

I've shot a P226, X5 Allround and the original P320 and P320 RX in competition for the last 5 years and for me the P320 X5 has been the best fit for me. I never worry about if the gun is going to run or not and it just feels good shooting it. I can't always say that for my Open and Limited guns that I paid about 3 times the price for.

I've shoot 115gr and 124gr factory stuff through mine with no issues. My go to Steel Challenge load is a 124gr HP that chrono's at 118 PF so light loads are not an issue through them. If you want one for a range gun I don't think you can go wrong with it.

ETA: Oh, and I'll second the RHT holster if you are looking for a good kydex range holster. It's all I use and if you want to go that route let me know and I can set you up with 10% off the purchase price.
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The Unknown
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Thanks, everyone. Sounds like they are good to go. I should have an opportunity to test one out on June 15, and if that goes well I will probably pick one up to keep.
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I recently finished some trigger work on two of a customer's X5's. It was quite easy to remove most of the pre-travel and over-travel and minimize the creep. Total trigger travel was reduced by nearly 50% on both pistols. A little work on the striker hook and sear gave a nice smooth trigger. I'm not a great fan of the plastic, excuse me, polymer, pistols, but I am impressed with the 320's.

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I purchased two this year and both had problems with returning to battery. Sig and the internet both told me that these are tight fitting pistols and they needed broken in, but after a few hundred rounds through each they both still had the issue.

Rather than send them back to Sig, I gave the GG guide rod/15lb 1911 spring combo a shot and now both function perfectly.

There's some posts on the net about different recoil spring setups from the factory, but no pictures yet. Mine were both the same and you could almost feel them binding while shooting, if that makes any sense. Could be a part that has had a running change.

Some people also report that the front sight is too tall, so they run out of adjustment on the rear and end up losing the screw. Mine are close but OK for this, but the rear sight is also adjusted up as much as I am comfortable with. One step shorter on the front would be better and be safer on the rear sight setting. I'm still a little worried about this and may put a dab of red on that rear sight screw, but the screws do not seem to be moving.

I've since added the GG trigger kits to both, which made more sense to me than others as I had other P320's to move the factory flat triggers to, and wanted to do that. This was again, a huge improvement.

All said and done both guns ended up being about $850 with these fixes, and considering the 4 mags from the factory and the $50 promo, I'm very happy with them as they are sweet shooters now. After the debugging they both have around a 1,000 rounds through them and are running like tops.

Bottom line I think there's something going on with at least some of the recoil spring assemblies. 2 for 2 is not a fluke in my book.

I also have other regular p320's setup in different ways and while some of them feel tighter towards lockup, I've never had any going into battery issues with any of them over many cases of ammo.
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