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Recently, I joined the GSSF (Glock Shooting Sports Foundation) because I'd like to take some Armorers Courses. And along with the other benefits, I can buy 1 Glock per year at discount pricing.

So, my question is ... Does Sig Sauer offer anything similar?

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you can join the legion and buy products at above retail! lol
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They used to have GOTM acronym which had something to do with, when they made guns.. Big Grin
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Most all manufacturers of Firearms have programs for Instructors, Sworn Officers, First Responders, and other Qualified Individuals.

SIG is no different

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The short answer is no. I'm not aware of any manufacturer that does something quite like GSSF (sponsors matches around the country, lets non-LE/MIL types take armorer courses all over, offers members guns at LE prices).
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