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When the G36 first came out, I rushed to my LGS and bought one of the first. Didn't like it at all (and I'm pretty much a Glock guy). Thought the recoil was too snappy and, of course, got my finger pinched. Sold it.

A couple of years later, maybe more, I tried again. I thought the recoil was really not pleasant (shooting some popular self defense loads, probably 200 gr. to 220 gr-can't recall for sure) and thought it was far less fun to shoot than a G27.

I guess that was sometime in the mid 90s, but the point is I never, ever considered a G36 again. I recall being kinda surprised when our Sheriff's Department bought some for Women and Detectives, along with 21s for Patrol (sometime in the early 2000s). I believe they have since changed to another Brand, but, I no longer keep up with those things like I used to do.

I just read the G36 now has a dual recoil spring. I don't think the first ones did, but I might be wrong.

So, my first question is: have they changed the spring?

And, secondly, if so, is the recoil any softer as a result?


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Have you tried the G30s?

A little better grip and the recoil isn't bad at all. IMO its the best carry size .45 out there. But it is thicker than the G36, so maybe its not an option for you

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Yeah, had one, thought it too thick. I'm in Florida, so it's usually T-shirt and shorts.

I had been planning on a LW Commander, but had some health problems (open heart surgery on January 2nd, and fighting with prostate cancer now), so I was holding off.

I've owned many 1911s, and find the recoil on the LW Commander to be less than I perceived the G36 recoil to be.

But if they've really changed the 36, I might try it again.

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My G36 is probably close to 10 years old? It has the duel springs, so I don't think anything has changed. :confused

I like the thickness/thinness of the grip. I wish they'd make a full sized (or "commander' sized) 45 and 10mm with it.

I don't think the 36 recoils a lot, but then I don't think the XDs does either. (and I've had people fire two rounds through it and hand it back because "it hurt".)

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I don't know what year mine is, but my G36, a Gen 3, uses a dual recoil spring. I don't know if it makes any difference.

I find the G36 very comfortable. It's a 6-shot pistol, which isn't a big deal if one's comfortable with 6 shot revolver. It's light, thin and easy to handle. The grip frame, like the G30, is subcompact, enough for a two-finger grip, meaning that the baseplate makes up the rest of the grip. The line between the bottom of the grip and the top of the baseplate can pinch. I don't notice it on the G36, but I've had blisters off the G29 and G30. After shooting either for a little bit, my hand gets tired of getting pinched and seems to figure out how to hold the pistol to avoid it. The G36 mag sits a little bit farther back. It feels more to me like gripping a P239 with the hogue finger groove grips.

The thinner grip on the G36 is more comfortable and fits my hand better than the G30. That said, the G30 is a great pistol, too. I've carried one IWB before, in the summer, without a problem.

The G30S never made a lot of sense to me; a G30 frame with a G36 slide, and the lighter barrel.

If it matters, the G36 barrel is thinner, and if I recall, not approved for +P.
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I ever understood why they didn’t just make the handle full length and use more of a normal magazine. Mine would pinch me to the point of bleeding.
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I've got the newest version of the G36, the FGR (Finger Grooves Rail). It has a double recoil spring, and I don't find the recoil bad at all. It's definitely not as abrupt as say my G27 in .40.
As compared to the 30S also in .45ACP, I think they have a slightly different feel during recoil but about the same sensation. Fast follow up shots are not a problem with either.
I never shot one on the older 36's for comparison, so can't help you there.
I will say that both pistols carry very nicely in an IWB holster and the 36 with the flat frame is very comfortable to tote around all day.
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I believe the Glock 36 has always had the dual recoil spring setup.
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Dual confirmed. Bought first G36 at major downtown store in Charlotte many years ago.

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You guys that think the G36 early versions had dual recoil springs may be right.

I thought I recalled they had a single spring, but it was the "captured" one like the slightly later 17s had.

Oh well, my buddy thinks he has a newer one in his safe that he's never shot, (though he's not the first owner) and he'd love for me to actually take out my wallet and peel bills off to buy it.

I probably will, as long as it's not too many bills and I'll give it a try for the third time.

I appreciate your help here-thank you. This forum always has the folks that have the answers.

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Fire the G36 and the G27 side by side if you get the chance.
I couldn't tell much - if *any* - recoil difference bwtween the two...with 2 different loadings for each.
The G27 held more boolits.

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I've done that, though it was a number of years ago. I found my G36 (both of them IIRC) had more felt recoil to me than the G27.

I went thru the 40 craze, but the 9mm has been upgraded (IMO) jto the point that the 40 is just not needed, at least in my small world.

I do like the 45, and, as I said, been looking for a LW Commander-type but just wondered if the G36 was any different/better than I recall it.

When my friend finds his, assuming a reasonable price (he's always very reasonable) I try my third one.

I'm in Florida and I carry underneath a T-shirt, AIWB or IWB, so I need a coated or stainless gun to avoid any rust. The Glocks all work great for that, IMO.

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I am with straightshooter1's initial impressions of the G36 vs the G27. I have had a G27 and other Glock 40 S&W pistols for a long time, and a G21 and a G30 for nearly as long. I enjoy shoot them all, and carry and trust the G27, G23, and the G30. I bought a G36 about seven months ago, and I really want to like it, but I don't think that is likely to happen. I don't like the recoil, which I think is more pronounced than the G27, possibly because of the difference in grip thickness. I don't care for the pinch the pinkie gets from the gap in the grip and mag extension. That does not happen, at least for me, with the G30. Clearly there are lots of folks who like the G36, and I hope straightshooter1 becomes one of them. But I will give even odds that the third time won't be the charm.
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Since the first rumor of a single stack Glock 36 came out, I wanted one. Slimline 45 Glock, what's not to want! I was one of the first to shoot one and in that instant, I learned it wasn't enough gun for me to manage the 45. I attribute the felt recoil to the thinness of the backstrap and lightness of the Glock. I go back every four or five years hoping for a different experience to no avail. Maybe I was spoiled by carrying a P220 45 for over 20 years. I easily manage the 40SW in my Glock 27 regularly. A couple years back, I shot a friend's XDS in 45 that was great to shoot. Just didn't want to buy into another shooting platform... so I tried the 36 again. No change!
So... 1st question- dual recoil spring has been the same since the beginning; 2nd question- recoil is not any softer regardless.
I rotate regularly between my Glock 26 and 27; and carry the P220 Carry SAS on the days that warrant a 45, probably most days. Smile

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We own an early (2001) G36 and it has the dual spring. We like and trust it for its intended mission, but have always found the recoil a bit objectionable. We don’t do extended range sessions with it. Carried a lot but shot sparingly.

We trudge on.
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My G36 is pretty tame for being a .45. I think my G27 is more snappy.

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I have the same problem with the G36. And I have shot compact 45s for over 28 years. The recoil pulse is just too unpleasant, for me.

Were I forced by sorry circumstances to have to carry a striker fired plastic 45, I would go with the XDs45. Even the mod 2 version is a softer shooter than any G36 I have tried.

Personally, I prefer my S&W CS45 to all of them. Good luck with your search! Regards 18DAI

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