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My wife and I own three, 1.0 Shields. My wife refuses to carry anything else now, as the 9mm is the first pistol she’s really shot well. Keeping in mind that ours are not even 2.0’s, our triggers are superb out of the box, and accuracy is outstanding. Very “soft” shooters too.
We’ve never had a malfunction with either of the 3, but our round counts are not high.
I notice Larry Vickers seems to be a fan also. Enjoyed his comparison video between it and the Glock 43.
I’ve got several 2.0 Compacts and full size, and they are my hands down favorites.

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There are probably at least fifty (I'm sure I'm vastly underestimating) Shield 9mm's privately owned in-service at my PD (we issue the S&W M&P). I know it is also by far the preferred off-duty carry gun at other local agencies regardless of the issued gun.

In my humble opinion they are fantastic little guns. They have essentially replaced the role of the J-frame in LE locally and are carried as the off-duty, deep concealment, and BUG. We have had very few reliability issues.

One variable taken out of the equation with a police department though is ammo. Federal American Eagle 124 gr FMJ for practice and Federal HST 124gr +P for carry. I can tell you from personal experience that both of those rounds work great in the little guns.

The triggers smooth out with use. I have no Apex parts in mine (a no-thumb-safety variant...I sold my early release thumb safety one) and my trigger is fine. The only mods I have (and like) are a 10-8 rear sight (works perfect with the factory front) and Talon grips (helps keep a grip while shooting +P but adds no bulk).

I also own a Glock 43 and have various Kahrs. The Shield, in my humble opinion, is superior for most roles. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one.

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