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I own this Baer Ultimate Tactical Carry (UTC), which is in essence a TRS minus the advertising for Thunder Ranch (same features without the engraving). Its a good shooter, but IMHO too tight. Even long after the 500 round "break-in" (which is ridiculous for a service pistol), its too tight to take down without a bushing wrench. The gun is smooth cycling, but feels less slick (frame to slide/barrel tolerances) than either of my two Nighthawk Customs. While I like the Baer, if I had to choose between two companies, I'd go with Nighthawk.

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Shot mine today. Swapped a 226 NSW and a 224 for it a while back. It's a great pistol but at the top of the price range for anything I would really ever buy. Mine still has the stock sights which like mentioned previously-don't work for me.

MY LBC mags are flawless as well as some typical beater USGI mags. Some of my Mec-gar variations dont do so well

I like it but a fifteen-hundred plus dollar 1911 isn't something I'll pick up again..
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I have two “new-to-me” Baers, one of those being a TRS. I’ve never owned a 1911 at one of the higher price brackets, so all I can compare to are the ones I own or have owned at or below the Baer level.

I dig my TRS. While I carry and shoot mine a good bit, the bluing is barely showing wear yet. Frankly, as stated by at least one other poster, I think a Baer (or any 1911) with “honest” wear looks great.

Now that the TRS is no longer offered by Baer as of earlier this year, I’m glad the UTC remains in their line-up.

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In terms of looks, I'm very fond of the LB Monolith - in 'heavy-weight' (thicker dust-cover bottom) with 1.5"/50yd and carry bevel, it sure is tank-like pretty. Performance = flawless.

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