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I've seen many of them malfunction at matches. Big Grin

I had an acquaintance who's Para spent more time at Para than it did with him.

Right when Para "ceased to be" I bought an "Elite Hunter" 10mm Long Slide. I KNEW I shouldn't, but I was hoping against hope that they'd changed, and read so much about how they improved the quality in recent times. As I suspected, that was all bullshit.
The gun look great. Some cheaper MIM parts, but it looked nice and was one of the tightest 1911's I'd ever owned at that point.

It ended up being the most inaccurate 1911 I've ever fired. Probably the most inaccurate semi auto I've ever owned. Testing various hand loads, did a great trigger job, a new custom tight barrel bushing, even an old school "group gripper", nothing helped it. Almost ALL the ammo I fired through it was in batches of 5-10 rounds, testing various hand loads trying different bullet, powder, load combinations trying to get it to shoot. No dice. Any off the shelf plastic service pistol would have made it look bad.
And in about 450 rounds it had become the loosest 1911 I'd ever owned. It went from very tight to rattle trap. I sold it, with disclosure, for less than half what I paid. My fault, I knew better.

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Originally posted by dry-fly:
The Rock Island 3.10 will be hitting the distributors any time now. I think it will scratch my Warthog itch. Lots of interesting replies... I appreciate them!

Just a tad larger than my Colt New Agent .45acp, but with a 10+1 capacity, and at half the price. I would like it if they would ditch the sights.

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I had a Para TAC4 with the LDA trigger. It was a jam-o-matic until I replaced all the magazine springs with new ones from Wolff. After that it functioned perfectly.
I remember it was nicely finished on the outside but a bit rough on the inside.
The LDA trigger was very smooth and light, just a bit long.

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I owned several Para-ords, and don't have any now. They all ran fine. It was blocky, but I had a 10-40 that ran great, and a p13-45 that shot fine.

At the time, a double stack .45 seemed blocky. Now, they're all the rage.
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