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Back at SHOT Show, 2018 CZ USA announced they were building a new pistol, the Bull Shadow. This consisted of the CZ 75 frame, reworked trigger, and a new upper complete with a bull barrel. To date, I have not seen a CZ 75 Bull Shadow in the wild. I was able to get one of the slide/barrel assemblies and I put it on a SP01 frame. It was one of those purchases that was driven as much by looks (much like my first marriage) as functionality. I've been able to use the gun in about 4 or 5 matches and the combination of the Bull Shadow upper with a CGW trigger is nice. It is as accurate as any other CZ I've shot, holding it's own easily with the TS and Orange versions. The slide is blued not polycoated. As such, it has been wearing at a remarkably fast rate. With just a few matches, and my limited dry practice, it is already showing significant seasoning. I could not care less about this. I'm much more concerned with the function. The chamber is tight and sensitive to any ammunition deformity or loose spec. But with proper ammunition it runs like any other CZ, which is to say flawless.

The barrel and the wear pattern for the bluing.

The dirty business end.

Obligatory match video

Ignem Feram
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Picture of Jimg1960
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Originally posted by Jimg1960:
Cz custom has 2 variants of the Bullshadow available.
They’re not priced for the faint of heart...I want one.
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addicted to trailing-throttle oversteer
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There are so many Shadow variants and CZ Custom variants to the Shadows on top of that. Hard to keep track of them all.
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The pricing does indicate a fair amount of pride cz USA has in their products. I will say this, for less than a Tactical Sport or Orange, you can make a very nice cz using the Bull Shadow slide. I sold the original SP01 slide to partially offset the cost of this frankengun.

Ignem Feram
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The Constable
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Already have an S2 and a CGW worked on PO-1 but none the interesting idea, to buy the slide/barrel assembly.

Looked at the Bullshadow at SHOT Show. There was a LOT of interest from the CZ fanboys for sure.
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