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Really happy with accuracy, performance and reliability of this .177 pellet pistol. I can see it can be a valid match pistol and I have no problem with the quality and accuracy so far. The adjustable trigger is fine for me outta the box. For indoor training, I have not problem keeping them in the 9 and ten rings and have had several nice, groups touching each other. Loading is a problem...I have big paws and the pellet is tiny. It also takes a little force to close/charge it. But after getting used to the loading issues... it's fun and a very good training tool while my regular ranges are closed or under very limited covid restrictions.
Not cheap and feels very solid in the hand plus it's pretty damn accurate! Also, its a handful...NOT a small pocket gun and obviously not intended to be. I did put some florescent paint on the front sight needed it imho.
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I'm also an avid 10m air pistol and rifle shooter. In fact I'm in a Club in St. Louis and we regularly compete against Peoria IL, Chicago IL, Cincinnati OH, and sometimes Detroit MI.

Lots of fun and the accuracy of quality rifles/pistols is unreal.

To close I tried the links to your photos and it took me to photobuckets main page and asked me to sign up and create an account.
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I continue to be very happy with mine.

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