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Seems as if Full30 is taking down the videos as soon as they get posted. I just read what I could about them on Recoil's website:

No where near a P365 competitor. Honestly not really a competitor to something like a Walther PPS in my opinion as it’s more versatile for carry. Seems to be more P225ish type competition.

Or XD-E. Neither really responds directly to their existing striker competition.

G48: as before it's still a 'meh' to me. It generates no excitement, not when I can so easily carry a compact Glock G23...or G32 or G19 for that matter. And I kinda dislike that 2-tone look. Looks like something Walther/Arnsberg, Springfield or even Ruger would do. Definitely Kahr-like. Frankly a bit 'blingy' for a Glock. Wink

G43X: as before I have some interest. But a taller grip will preclude any chance of (pants) pocket carry, which is hard enough as it is for me with the original G43 with factory flush base plates. IWB carry options seem pointless to me since the 43X/48's greater height would likely pose similar if not the same concealment issues as my EDC G23 would for those rare, rare instances where my necessary choice of wardrobe becomes a sticking point for CCW.

And as for the 'comfort' factor, which some people simply MUST Roll Eyes have: when I carried my G43 IWB I found that the gun virtually 'disappeared' compared with my EDC G23...and I actually HATED and distrusted that feeling. I've been carrying a compact Glock for so long that the 4:30 lump of G19 or G23 is actually comforting to me. But that's due to my wiring, which craves high cap, the higher the better.
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Originally posted by soggy_spinout:
Seems as if Full30 is taking down the videos as soon as they get posted.

Check out my 2 posts on page 1 Smile


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addicted to trailing-throttle oversteer
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Thanks. Good to see it was Sootch00 who did the review. Bummer that the mags are too wide for the G43, but then if they were compatible Glock probably wouldn't sell many G43Xs...

His point about the G48 being a better choice than carrying a G19 for cap-limit states does make some sense, except a G43X would still be the friendlier CCW choice that imposes itself less on the gun owner during carry.
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Not impressed. Ill pass
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For me, I think we’ve taken the small gun thing too far. I own an LCP 2, (even have two Seecanp .380’s), but those fun are so small that I really wouldn’t want to have to use them beyond 6’ or so. Even then, drawing them from concealment is slow and I rarely get a proper grip on them when I do it at speed. I like the 12 round mags on the 365 because I feel like I can get a good grip on it and I can draw it from concealment with consistency.

I actually like the grip length on the 43x and the 48. I’ll have to get my hands on them first, but I’m in hopes that it draws and shoots really well as a result. In the race for the smallest gun, I feel like we’ve lost sight of being able to actually shoot well and defend our lives with these tools.

For me, thinness is the #1 factor when I carry. I’ve long wished someone would make a Kahr with a better trigger (too long for me and I short stroke them), because I love the slimness. These guns aren’t for everyone, but that’s the point. Some guys want to pocket carry, but I never do. I think it’s horrible to draw from...for me. Some guys like ankle, some like SOB/appendix/3:00/4:00...we all carry differently.

If a G19 grip length conceals well for you, you like having a full grip for drawing and shooting, but you find thin guns far more comfortable to carry, these guns are perfect. I wish they would have matched the capacity of the 365 and fit 12 rounds in these guns (at least), but I’ll take 10 to carry a Glock I trust over a 365 I don’t.

I still think it would be smart for Sig to release a 365 with a 3.5” for those of us who prefer a little more sight radius, and a G48 sized gun in both grip length and barrel length. That is, a single stack g19 size. I’m guessing they’d be able to get 14 rounds in a g19 sized 365.

Not everyone wants a pocketable carry gun. I like big grips and sight radius, I just don’t like thick guns. I’m happy to see this market being served by a company like Glock.

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Not interested in either but it's nice to see Glock offering different options to it's customers.

Also I don't see the Glock 43X as a competitor to the P365, I wouldn't call the 43X anything close to a subcompact.

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Looks like Glock gave in and started catering to the "nickel plated sissy pistol crowd" Wink

The 43X interests me. The 43 is just too big for me to pocket carry and if I'm going to carry a 9mm automatic IWB it's gonna hold more than 6. I just hope it comes in black and I could really do without the front serrations, but I may get over them depending on how it feels in the hand.
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I think they are both a winner. I like thin grips for a concealed carry gun and gladly give up capacity for comfort when I'm off duty. I'm hoping that these guns get added to our approved off duty list.

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Originally posted by mbinky:
I just hope it comes in black and I could really do without the front serrations, but I may get over them depending on how it feels in the hand.

From what I have read, the Glock 43 slide will fit on the 43X/48 frame. That'd be a way to go all black with no front serrations.

If Glock was smart, they would offer just the frames as well. They have ton of 43's out there.
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Originally posted by esdunbar:
For me, I think we’ve taken the small gun thing too far. ..........

Small Gun
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I've been thinking a lot about the 43x in the last day or two. I don't want to jump the gun, but I really think the 43x may just be exactly what I am after. Here is why:

The 43 is just a little too narrow for me to really feel good about shooting it. I know it was made that way for a reason, but it still feels very thin. The 43x is just a little wider which may be exactly what I need.

I don't like plus 1's or plus 2's on my carry weapons. I have had failures that I can blame on the extension with my first Glock 43. I can't think of a single malfunction on a Glock I've ever had that can be traced back to the mag. Glock has done this better than most and gets all my respect in the reliability of their mags. I just wish they were metal. This new 10 round mag/frame is really no longer than running a plus 2 on a Glock 43. Now I can have 10 rounds compared to 7 or 8 and know its going to run like it supposed to.

I really loved the P365. Trigger, feel, 12 rounds, sights, you name it. I have owned three since it's birth. January 2018, March 2018 and October 2018. I have a thread on my issues with the Jan and Oct weapons. The March was purchased new online and went back to the retailer immediately as the rear sight was loose, the slide felt like it was binding up. This was all in the shop. I've given up on the P365. Those of you who have had zero issues, I'm jealous and wish to God I had the same luck. I'm a Sig homer and loved that little shit to death, but I'm 0/3 on them. My family is too important to gamble on it. That said, the Glock 43x will (For me) compete with the P365 in capacity. That is really important to me. The P365 mags were prefect for me. Loaded and ran like champs. They were all stock as is all of my Glock mags. That tells me what I need to know.

I love two tone weapons. My first Sig was a two tone P228. It was the last weapon I sold when I was helping dad with bills on his way out of this shitty world. I carried that weapon everyday and owe my life to it 10 fold. I love the two tone look. Nothing other than it looks slick to me. Face it, after functionality, appeal is a big factor for a carry weapon to me.

I love the front slide serrations. That is what drew me towards the Glock 45. I needed something a tad smaller grip wise for office carry and went with the Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS. I spent an extra 75 dollars just for the front slide serrations. They mean that much to me. No cut out on the fronts trap was another reason. The MOS plate is just an added "ok". I don't have any intentions on mounting a red dot on it. I'd rather not have the MOS, but it is what it is.

My only complaint on the Glock 43x is that damn serrated/grooved trigger. I hate it and will be the first to go when it arrives. I was really hoping for a smooth trigger. My Glock 19 Gen 5 came with one and another than Night sights and an XC1-B, it will remain stock. The P365 trigger is probably my all time favorite.

I've got Yellow HD night sights and custom leather ready to be ordered. I'm pretty damn stoked.
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I'll be keeping an eye on the G43X.

The location of the hump on the backstrap of the G26 and G43 doesn't work that well with my hands, but this longer G19-style grip looks like it would.

The grip length is exactly the same as the G19, of which I have two, but the half inch shorter barrel and quarter inch thinner width could mean the G43X might still has a place in my lineup.

We'll see...
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I have no need for the 43X, but I bet I end up buying one..

No reason to hate on 2-tone Glocks.. Roll Eyes

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I’ll be getting a 43x. I wish signcould make a 365 that I trust.


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I'm not interested in either, my G19 Gen 5 carry's easily enough, 15 +1 suits me better for a semiauto pistol.

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It’s always good to see more options on the market. I’m sure these are pistols that many Glock folks have wanted as I’ve read the requests for a single stack 19 for many years. And the 43X is an answer or option against the 365 from Sig.

But...I’d still take the 26 over either. Pearce +0 finger extension for full grip. Then reloads available in 12 rd, 15 rd, 17 rd, or 33rd, magazines for backup. Typically a 17rd backup mag and some 33rd magazines locked up in the car/truck. Magazine interchangeability with the Glock 19, 17, and 18 would far outweigh the pros of either of these new pistols if it was my money. The Glock 26 remains, after all this time (20+ years now), one of the best ccw’s ever made, even with all this new competition, even within the same mfr.

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I really like the looks and specs of the Glock 43X. I would bet that my state of Illinois will have 10 round limit on magazines by this summer with the new democrat gun hating governor and they will probably try and not grand father existing magazines. The thin 10 round Glock 43X with a full grip without having to use extenders would be a winner for me. I should be able to try the new Glocks when my LGS has their annual factory shoot late March.

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I like my 43 because it's a pocket carry, so the 43X would be out because of that. The 48 I find very interesting. I'll bet they sell a shit ton of these, to those with smaller hands and 10 round limited states.

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I am going to jump on the G48. I see they once again went with the plastic dovetail protectors.
Geezus, Glock (and Sig) put real steel night sights on your guns as standard issue!
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