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He does different gun content of course but the thing he has been doing for quite some time is running various State PD shooting qualification courses and comparing them.

Now the courses of fire are interesting but what I have found most interesting is he runs each one with a different and widely varied weapon. It is really interesting to see a modern course of fire run with a compact or a .357 revolver or a Remington New Model Army or a 1911 or .38 super etc. etc. etc.

Now while this takes some of the “pseudo science” out of the comparison it’s interesting as all get out when you see how capable something we might completely dismiss can be in reasonably capable hands.

I mean we all know a Glock 17/22 are perfect for modern police work or whatever but sometimes I think it’s easy to forget there is a VAST number of tools that are still capable to this day.

Anyway I have just found these interesting and thought I’d share.


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Yes. I've watched a number of his videos, including the ones you mention.

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I’ve watched a few of his videos the last week or so when one of his videos came up in my recommended vids. I also enjoy Paul Farrell’s channel. Learned a bunch of things from his videos.

If you want a good laugh watch bigfun4life’s channel.
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Yes I’ve watched some of his videos he usually does a pretty good job.
And I agree, it is interesting to watch random guns put into service and how effective they can be.
Like Clint Smith says, you don’t need the newest whiz bang AR with all sorts of crap hanging off of it. Use the gun you have and learn to run it efficiently and effectively.
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Yeah. Pretty good stuff. He explains everything g well and of course you have to like all the different guns he uses.

We were talking in the CMP forum about his Ohio course. I told him I would send him our qual’s from NE. The rest as they would say is history.
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