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My main carry gun is a 40 caliber, the mag holds 9 rounds and I carry one spare 14 round mag. My 9mm carry gun mag holds 7 rounds and I carry 2 spare mags with it. I also have several extra mags for each gun in my car gun safe.
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I prefer a second pistol and will opt for that over a spare mag when concealment is the first priority.

My rationale is that it gives me more versatility. I can arm a second law abiding citizen in the event of a mass shooting (most of friends/family don't edc).

I'd also rather go to a completely fresh slate than diagnosis a semi auto in a worst case scenario. My experience has shown that if a proven reliable ( over 500 rounds fired) semi auto suddenly goes down, I usually need new springs, not more ammo.

All that said, I will carry a spare magazine when concealment concerns are more relaxed because, well why not?
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My preference is 1 in the gun and 2 in a holder, but then I carry 1911s a lot.

Of course there’s always the Jerry Miculek version:

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Two reloads. Not because I anticipate needing 46 rounds of ammo, but because most malfunctions are related to magazines, or ammunition, and if I have to strip a full or partially full magazine due to a stoppage, I'm gonna need some help playing catchup.


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One in the gun and one spare,then I have 3 in the car in a three mag pouch.All five get rotated every September that ammo becomes range ammo and fresh ammo goes into the spare mags.
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One in the pistol and one on the belt. If I cant resolve the situation with that load, its "feet, don fail me now" !
When out and about with my GP 100, I pack one speedloader and an MTM Ammo Wallet in my back pocket.

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I carry a G19 with a flush fit 15 in the gun and a 15 round mag with the Glock +2 extension on it. Less for the extra two rounds and more because the corner of the flush fitting mag base digs into my side sometimes.

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One in the gun and one spare. I read the poll as haw many spare mags should be carried, so I voted one.
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There is no answer to this question. Really. If you need a mag and you don't have it then you are F****. But almost every study I have seen about cc use has the answer being less than one mag. So since I know one is none, and two is one I carry one.

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I carry 1. In the woods I carry zero extras, in the woods I won’t uave time to reload. In the city though, 1.
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I recommend 2.
1 in the gun and another in a pocket or near my belt line.
The second magazine is more for a semi auto malfunction than needing more ammo in a gun fight.
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I've always ran 1 in the gun and two mags spare.
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I've done a single spare every so often; sometimes a 15rd G22 mag but mostly just another G23 mag. No extension base plates for me, not after I had a blowout with one at the range.

Mostly however I carry only the gun with no spare mag or mag holster. It's just too much add-on shit to be carrying around; another sign that I'm getting old and ornery, I think.
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One is none, two is better, three is best.
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If I carry my 239 I carry one extra mag. If I carry my 226 I do not carry any extra mags. 19 rounds will do the job if I do mine.
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I voted 2 spares, but usually only leave the house with one spare mag in a clip-on holder on me.

Realistically though, if the 15-17 round mag in the gun, plus one spare isn't enough ammo to get me out of whatever trouble I'm in, then another mag probably won't make much difference. I need close air support.

I've been in a few firefights back in the late 60s & I don't recall ever wishing I was carrying LESS ammo. But now that I'm 70 years old, it seems like too much of a pain in the butt to un-do my belt to add a mag holder. Smile


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I carry 2 spare mags for whatever I’m carrying, except when it’s my XD-S 9, then it’s three (all 8-rounders). I don’t mind carrying the extra crap on my belt. I also carry a couple knives and a few flashlights, so what’s a couple magazines? Eek

On the very rare occasion that I carry my Taurus 85, I’ll carry a Bianchi SpeedStrip, but normally when I carry the 85 it’s as a BUG in an ankle holster.

Normally when I carry, I carry one of the following: M11-A1, CZ-75B Omega Convertible, P229/.40, or Glock 19 or 23, each with two spare mags (or the aforementioned XD-S/9 with 3 mags).

Overkill? Perhaps, but I believe that old truism “better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”...

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For my personal situation I CCW with whatever is in my pistol, either my Walther PPS or Glock 19.

There are no right or wrong answers in such a situation, just what the particular individual is comfortable with.

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I tend to carry three, one in the gun and two spares, although that is not an absolute. Sometimes it's just what is in the gun, depending on what I am wearing.

As for ownership, I like to have at least 8 "full capacity" magazines for my carry guns. Having lived through magazine bans, I want to have enough that I will be grandfathered with enough supply to get me to my eternal rest.

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mags ? its not the mags, its the number of rounds.

30 minimum

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