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Am considering the acquisition of a new Compact or SC 9mm, and striker-fired is a non-starter. Realize the P224 is out of production and (9mm flavor) rare, but it seems to be the ticket for me, as I live in a warm climate most of the year, so SC fills the bill for concealability.

I currently own and love the P226, and since there is some level of cross compatibility with the P229, that convenience is also attractive.

Looking for opinions from the Forum on the question. And to beat everyone to the punch, yes, the ideal scenario would be all three, but that's not in the cards right now!

Thanks in advance!

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find a 229 carry.

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Of the two, go with the 229. Just a better all around gun, IMHO.
And consider a 9mm P250SC.

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IMO the 229 is a bit stocky for me, I had one and sold it. They are very nice pistols.
You may not want to rule out a striker fired pistol, the 320 Sub Compact is a nice pistol for carry. Overall it's smaller, in width, height and length and 10 oz. lighter than a 229.
Try one out, you may just like it a lot.

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P229. Love the P229. Sig hit it out of the park with that one.
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The P229, IMO.

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The 229 40 S&W I owned was incredibly accurate and soft shooting. I agree with the 229 being the better of the two.
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my 229 stainless is great. never handled a 224.
if it doesn't have to be a sig, I have a cz rami bd that is very nice. and a cz p-01 on the way ,p-01 may be bigger than what you want but it is a may want to look at both. for the money cz makes some nice stuff . not pushing the czs,i like sigs and czs .sigs-226,227,229,365, all nice. czs - 2 sp-01 tacticals, rami bd., all nice. green p-01 and a urban grey sp-01 tactical will be here this week.
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How about the P225-A1?

Smaller than a 229 with the same operating controls and a dynamite SRT trigger.
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Consider the P239 also; they can be had used at very reasonable prices and carry quite well. 7+1 in .40, but the platform absolutely shines in 9mm IMO.

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Belt carry, I would go with a P229. Perhaps even one of the steel framed versions

Pocket, purse, ankle carry, I would go with a P224 SAS, perhaps even a DAK, Though I am not a DAK fan

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Personally I absolutely adored my 2 P224’s. Neither the 224 or the 229 make sense to me for CCW in this polymer framed era. They are fantastic shooters but way too many better options nowadays.

For ME:
DA/SA= Sig 9mm
Striker fired= Glock 9mm
If it's a .45= 1911
Suppressed= HK in .45
I like anything in 10mm

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P226 mags didn't run reliably in my P226.
Too heavy for a sub compact, IMHO.

If I was still shooting SIGs, I'd run a P226/P239 combo.

I'm much happier daily carrying my polymer poppers.
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