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Order two $29 AR lowers online, have them shipped to my favorite local FFL. Once there, I find out he is going out of business and closing up shop. All guns on sale, make offers, clearing out inventory. I see a nice gently used P226R 9mm in the case with XS big dot night sights. Got a nice P226R with $150 night sights on it for $400. I sold my last P226R a few years ago and have dreaded it ever since. Happy to find a replacement. And definitely happy to pay $400 for one.

Another gun store across town, stop in to browse and "look around". Oops. I see a pristine, like new, maybe fired 50 rounds through it, blue Smith & Wesson model 27-3 with a 6 inch barrel. This is the "original" model of .357 magnum, originally called the registered magnum, now called the model 27. Beautiful 3T model, with target hammer, target trigger, target sights ($$), and pristine target stocks ($$). No Hillary hole, early 80's production. A beautiful world class N-frame in .357 magnum. Arguably a better gun than a Colt Python. NEWB at the store priced it at $550. He let it go for $500. A quick look at online gun auction sight shows similar guns selling for $1200-$1500. I almost pulled a muscle pulling my wallet out so fast at $500. Must not have known what he had. AND considering he likely made a handsome profit, I feel sorry for the poor sap that sold it to the gun store for likely $250.

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Pics or it didn't happen.... Wink


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'No Hillary hole'....lmfao!

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Hell of a find for both, but especially the S&W!

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Originally posted by nhracecraft:
Pics or it didn't happen.... Wink
Detailed pics of the N.
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Alright, where is the shop? We need to know.
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