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My work travel credit card earn points good for....among other cards at Cabelas! I travel alot!
On track to get a GP100 Match Champion in 357 by end of the year!

Last year it earned me a DanielDefense M4V11 and a Vortex Strike Eagle.

"No matter where you go - there you are"
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I agree. I love taking my GP100 along with some 158grn LSWC handloads to the range. To finish the trip I shoot a few .357 just to enjoy that magnum experience from a gun designed to handle it.

"Animis Opibusque Parati"
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I love my 3" GP100's and this is my new favorite in 10mm auto. If you like shooting 357 Magnums you will love the 10mm auto.

La Dolce Vita
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Originally posted by gearhounds:
Originally posted by 911Boss:
Recently sold my wife’s SP101 in .357 and then bought two of the SP101 in 9mm

Awesome lil revolver

I love my snub .357 sp, but I am seriously craving the 9mm version.

I have one of each and enjoy the .357 version much more. The recoil impulse of the 9mm one takes some getting use to. Also the moon clips are thinner than even the Ruger 9mm LCR ones. The only ones I've found that work so far are the SP101 9mm OEM ones and they're about $5 each

"Blessed is he who when facing his own demise, thinks only of his front sight.”

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I'm not laughing
WITH you
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I love mine! I've got a 3" Wiley Clapp and a 4" Match Champion.

Rolan Kraps
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Gainesville, Georgia.
NRA Range Safety Officer
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