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Originally posted by soggy_spinout:
I like the bottom one.

Haven't handled the 938 Legion yet, but we do have a couple inbound. I have handled the 238 version. I think SIG is taking this whole 'Legion' marketing ploy to utter silliness. I might understand a MCX or M400 in this family theme. Maybe. But then this IS the company that thinks rainbows make for a compelling theme to design around.

I think the upgrades on the Legion that I have DO make it a more attractive choice than the standard P938 series pistols. YMMV, but if there wasn't a customer base out there that wanted these features or the "Rainbow" pistols, then Sig wouldn't be marketing them.

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I don't consider the 938 Legion mags an all. It is an upgrade. Its a clean base pad made to fit cleanly into the magwell. The original 7 round mag is an afterthought. The guns were made to hold 6 flush. They made a longer mag and stuck a plastic pinky extension over it. Sure it works, but it sure doesn't look as clean as the solid plastic base pad that the legion mag has.

I have a 938 Legion on the way. I also have a 938 Extreme with 2 of the 7 round mags. The legion comes with 3 mags. I may or may not buy another but I could care less the other 2 7 rounders don't fit.

I love the everything about the 938 legion, except the ambi safety which I will switch to single side only day one. The only thing that would make it perfect is if it was ALL steel. It's an IWB belt gun for me anyway so the fact that if it was all steel it would way 21-22 ounces I wouldn't care.

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