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I haven't shot pistols at an indoor range for years. When I did, it was a 1-2 hour event. I would spend a fair portion of this time wandering around the LGS between shooting strings.

Sporting clays sessions last 2-3 hours. Time depends on how many stations I want to shoot, and if I'm focusing on training for a particular type of shot or pair.

Most of my non-match shooting is done at our family ranch. Generally with rifles & carbines, but I tend to finish with some pistol practice as I pull down the steel plates at the end of the day. Most of the time ranch chores are done between shooting strings or stages -- weeding the pasture, fixing fence, chopping yucca, trimming trees. Of course, this extends the total time.

My rifle shooting sessions generally string out for a number of hours from start to finish. I generally walk to steel targets to repaint them, so this consumes some time -- especially when I'm working on targets beyond 600-700 yards.
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I shoot once a week at least at an indoor range. Too hot here for outdoor ranges until about November or so. Usually I am in and out in under 30 mins. I'll normally bring 1-2 pistols and usually bring only 100 rds.

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We have two indoor ranges and two outdoor ranges. I like to be comfortable, especially in summer monsoon months so I go only to the indoor ranges. They both charge almost $20/hour, so I joined a gun club. No hourly fee and no time limit.

I typically go for 2 hours a month and shoot 200-300 rds. at each session.


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We have a yearly membership to a local indoor range. I go twice a week, on average, handgun only 99% of the time. I burn through 150-200 rounds each time. Probably an hour or just a bit more door-to-door. If the wife goes, it'll be a little more time, and a lot more ammo. I reload, so don't really pay much attention to ammo costs.
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little as 30 minutes at the indoor range, as long as several hours/most of a day if I'm going to the desert.

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Under an hour at the indoor range that's about 30 minutes away, shooting pistols almost exclusively. Longer at the outdoor range where I shoot rifles almost exclusively, as there are regular breaks to futz with targets.

I haven't made a day of it in years, since moving from the great white north.
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I only shoot rifle/shotgun on rare occasions anymore.

I try to shoot pistols weekly for about an hour during the summer at an indoor range. I shoot a National indoor gallery bullseye match league once a week during the fall, winter, and spring, so I am generally shooting twice a week during those months. Takes about 45 minutes to shoot a match.

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Most of my range trips are 30-60 minutes. I have a specific plan of what I am working on. I dry fire three to four nights per week.

The length of the trip is determined by what i want to work on. In the last ten weeks, I have been working on nothing but mechanics. Most of that time, I have been working on one shot draws, draw fire one/reload one, and rhythm drills.


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This time of year I stick to the indoor range, but after an hour that's pretty hot, too. I can only go about once a month, sometimes twice, for about an hour each trip. beyond that I really start to suck due to fatigue. Up in Pinetop we belong to an nice outdoor range (it's just East of Show Low), but I don't get up there as often as I'd like, either, It's about 4 1/2 hours to our place up there.

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I go for around 2 hours, whether it be an indoor range or outdoor.
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Less than an hour if I'm firing pistol (100-150 rds) but longer if I'm shooting rifle outside. With the rifle I have to walk the targets down range, when the range is clear.

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Depends on where I'm going.

Out to the farm or one of the free MDC ranges? Maybe 30 minutes maybe two hours.

If I drive 1.5 hours to the members only range, I'm there for half a day easily.

And even that's relative to what I'm trying to accomplish and time available. If I'm just trying out a new purchase or dialing in a buddy's scope, the farm is fine for that kind of work. But if I'm working on practical pistol in the boxes, or trying to square away my AR, or pick a round for one of my hunting rifles, it can be an all day affair.
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Long guns...the day gets more drawn out. Travel time needed to shoot at further distances increases to add to the time needed. Just the time needed to set up targets draws out the day.

Handguns...outdoors I still have to drive a ways. Indoors...I'll dedicate 2-4 hours including time stuck in traffic.
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Originally posted by Nuclear:
Under an hour at the indoor range that's about 30 minutes away, shooting pistols almost exclusively. Longer at the outdoor range where I shoot rifles almost exclusively, as there are regular breaks to futz with targets.

This is almost exactly my shooting habits. Indoor range, (got a membership to reserve a lane), close to home, I won't ever spend a full hour there. Get my work in, firing more is counter-productive. First loading of mags is done before I leave the house.

Outdoor range is 40ish minutes away where I shoot rifles. That turns into half day easy...most of it wasted sitting around waiting for everyone else to get back to their table.
Nature of the beast at a busy outdoor public range.

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My wife and I are members of a outdoor gun club in east Orlando Florida. It is, depending on the time of the day an hour to an hour and a half from our house.
We shoot anywhere from one to four matches a month so when we are there it is usually all day.
When we do go just for a range day it is usually for several hours because of how long it can take to get there.
My wife runs an event at our club for four hundred ladies every spring called Ladies Day at the Range so we are also usually out at the club for two monthly meetings a month for about 2/3 of the year.
She works half way between where we live and the club so I will take her to work in the morning,picker her up in the afternoon and shoot for about an hour before the meetings.
So in the end we do a little bit of a mix on how much time we spend at the range.

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It gets pretty hot here, so a couple of hours at the range in the morning with pistols and then into town for lunch. Lunch is usually pho.

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No indoor ranges around here. The covered outdoor range is about a 20 minute drive for me. I usually go alone, and sometimes am the only person out there. I go whenever I feel like it, but can't really say I "make a day of it". I'm usually out there about 3 hours or so. I don't go as often in Summer, due to the heat here in Central Arizona. We're usually 10-15° less hot than Phoenix in Summertime, but that still equates to HOTWink

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30 minutes or less is my usual range time. That's how long I can afford to shoot before I run out of money and ammo. Wink
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My situation is one, you'll agree, that's ideal. We live on a small farm in KY with meadows, and pasture all around the house. I can work up loads for a new gun in the basement and be on my 25 yard line in less than 5 minutes! I'm a shooter first and foremost and most days, no matter which of my handguns I'm carrying, I find time to spend some time on the range. I have a safe rifle range out to 200 yards, for most sighting in, and can go out to 400+ if I do a bit of bush hogging. We've been here 30+ years now, and it's been a shooter's dream. Hope you find a place that's as of luck fellow shooters. Rod

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I go around twice per week to the indoor range and will typically spend 30-45 minutes. When going to the outdoor range I will spend 3-4 hours but I do this maybe 5 times per year.

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