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How often do you go to the range and how long do you spend when you go?

I find, when shooting rifle, I need more time. Takes more time to setup, to shoot, everything. Pistols, not so long. I usually do one or their other.

The range isn’t far, so I’m usually there for a couple of hours on a short trip, half a day on a longer one. Mostly go by myself.
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My range time can vary from 15 minutes up to a max of a couple of hours. The longer trips would generally be load testing in rifles and may not involve more than 50 rounds. I've never found as much value in burning through hundreds of rounds as shooting a few mags with purpose.
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The wife and I go once a week and probably spend an hour and a half give or take. We only shoot pistols.
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For periodic pistol / short range rifle training drills, less than an hour total for both (100rds pistol / 140rds rifle). About 30 minutes each, give or take.

For specific zeroing of a rifle or several, it can be about an hour, two tops.

The range is like the gym - if you are there more than a couple hours, you are probably just goofing off (which is fine, but realize you are just grab assing and not training). Not a hard fast rule, as I’m sure some here do legitimately train for longer than a couple hours, but they are the exception rather than the rule.
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Since I go a couple of times a month a 2.5 hour session is perfect. Otherwise the ammo costs could become prohibitive. ... and I agree with the other poster that you need to go with purpose.

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Two or three hours max, with an hour or a little more being common. Sometimes I need a second here and there to think about what I'm doing so I'll stop thinking about what I'm doing and simply do it.
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It's a half-day door to door for me. I shoot about 45mins away. I don't take the whole safe contents, usually just a few guns and focus on shooting drills with CCW pistol and AR. I usually have a new build or something to sight in or test-fire as well.

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About an hour and a half for me. Every now and then I will bring a few of the same kind of pistols. 1911s are what I shoot best. More fun than most when it is Desert Eagles.

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A couple of hours for just pistol and bit longer if shooting on the rifle range. I go 3x per month on average, though that can vary. These times usually get extnded if I have guests with me.
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If by myself 15min - 2hrs, depends on my, training, testing (new gun, zeroing, ammo, sights, optics, mags, etc), practice. I go about 3x a month.

If with friends or teaching new shooters, at least 2 hours.
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1.5 hours. I usually preload magazines and only reload once.

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When hitting the indoor range by myself I spend perhaps an hour

When going with others, it is usually more like 2 hours depending on the time of the year. Summer in Florida makes even an Air Conditioned indoor range fairly warm

If I am heading out to the farm, I am usually doing some testing or sighting in or trajectory work (we have shooting positions out to 900 meters) then I go for two days. It is several hundred miles each way so I try and make the best of it.

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Indoor range is usually 1-2 hours. Maybe 3, if I have the time.

Outdoor range is rarely less than 3 hours. I try to make it 4-6 hours, as it takes an hour each way to get there.

Like others said: sighting in rifles.

I have a number of toys. Some I can't really use at the indoor range, or get no real 'test' from 25 yards indoors.

The outdoor range gets up to 450 meters, and I can use everything I own at one part of the range or another.

1-2 hours at the 22 range. 1-2 hours at the pistol range. 2-3 hours at the rifle [everything] range. If I have a friend with a clay thrower, then off to the shotgun only range also.

I need to get out more. But, it is hard to want to be there for 6 hours when it is 105 degrees.

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Indoors is usually 30 minutes. Verify I still know how to do it right. If I find I'm lacking I might extend to practice more. And I don't do rifles indoor. 25 yards is pointless and

I much prefer outdoor, but that's an hour drive, plus packing everything, making sure you have the right ammo for each, and you have to bring your own target stands, so it's loading up time added to it. So yeah, outdoor tends to be at least a half day.

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Indoor pistol shooting for me. Typically 45-60min, probably 90min max. Beyond that, fatigue starts affecting my shooting (though you probably couldn't tell by looking at my groups/patterns... Wink ). I tend to have specific things I want to work on at the range and head home after I'm done.

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I usually shoot at my own range, a dedicated shooting session is usually around 2 hours.
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The only range available where my sister lives is a Sporting Clays range, so I have been doing a lot of shotgun shooting this summer.

Hey, can't allow my young whipersnapper of a nephew humiliate me at a shooting sport. BTW, he has a Masters in Accounting and a new Dad so I really enjoy spending time with him and my incredibly CUTE Grand Niece.

Typical weekend shoot starts with some 5 Stand, then a bit of Trap, a bite to eat, then a bit of Skeet. While I won't ever shoot in the Olympics after about 2 months of practice I'm edging up on hitting 20 out of 25.

Anyone who is getting tired of shooting at targets that just sit there waiting for a hit should consider getting that old Remy 870 out of the closet and mounting a 26-30 inch ribbed barrel to it and start shooting at moving targets. BTW, it's not nearly as easy as it looks but it is a heck of a thrill when you manage to hit a True Pair with a Pump gun.

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Way back when I would shoot pistols indoors, I wouldn't go to the range without at least 300 rounds of ammo and two pistols. Often more. All slow fire, mostly revolvers.

The outdoor range I would make a day of, a couple pistols, several rifles. Not a tremendius number of rounds though, I could never get that, watching people pump round after round through the same ragged piece of paper.

When I started working there I would always bring a gun, but sometimes it would take 8 hours to fire 10 rounds. lol

The last 10 years(?) I've been a member of a private club, not common here. It's about a 40+ minute drive. I went friday night and fired 15 rounds. There have been times where I've fired as few as 3. (and not because something stopped me from shooting more Big Grin) But there have been plenty of times where I've gone and not shot at all. Just gone to walk around, get away and enjoy the piece and quiet.

One thing I learned about myself that I don't like. I thought I hated shooting at the public range. I tend to shoot odd things, old things, that drew a lot of attention and questions. Or I was shooting my single shot pistols, usually making all but the benchrest guys look bad in comparison. All the attention was a constant distraction and it bugged me. When I started shooting alone, I realized I kind of missed it, and that was an uncomfortable realization that did not sit well with me.

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I only go to the range (either of two) for matches. It is otherwise too crowded. For just shooting at paper, I go out to the desert, which is much closer. I use the desert for working up new handloads, sighting in new sights, and practicing/breaking in a new gun. I have a good spot with a great berm, about 14 ft high, which is the built up bank of a tank. But I never make a day of it.
The range in Wilhoit (Prescott Action Shooters) has one of those fancy new doppler chronographs. They have it available at matches, and I use it to confirm my handloads. I have found, however, that it measures my loads within a few fps of my Pro Chrony.
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Anywhere from 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. depending on the guns I take.
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