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sick puppy
The P232 is about as pretty of a pistol as I can think of, and I found one locally that I'm considering getting. I probably wouldn't shoot it all that much, but my wife has considered carrying lately, and I happened to have SigForum up on my computer and she saw a P232 on the screen one night a while back and said it was beautiful! she doesn't typically have an opinion either way on guns, so for her to come out and say that, in combination with her budding interest in CC, I figured it's worth a shot.

My concern isn't the slightly more snappy recoil of the blowback design of the P232, but instead how the P232 would react to a potential limp-wrist.

My wife has small hands and small wrists. She wanted to love a Beretta PX4 Compact I had once, but the damn thing would jam up every round she shot out of it (she also couldn't reach the controls with her tiny hands.) She's gotten my G19 and G26 to jam up a couple times, but she is okay shooting those.

The only gun that's worked flawlessly for her is her Beretta 87 I got for her a few years back.

Does anyone have experience with common failures seen in the P232?

here's the one I'm looking to get:

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I have not tried to induce a limp wristed shot with mine. I have not had any problems with either my 230s or my 232s. If you are going to shoot it a lot at the range, you might want to get some Hogue rubber grips to handle the recoil. One of my 232s has the standard grips and after 100 rounds in one setting it was getting a little sore in the hand.
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I have a 232SL, and although I've never had a problem, either failures or what-not, there is the known "slide bite" some have experienced. So, just be ware.

Just my 2¢

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The one I had was absolutely awesome. Except the massive slide bite problem I had with it. It was the most accurate pistol I have ever owned.


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Wendy runs a P-230 as her carry gun. Took it to FrontSite for combat courses. She said while the rest of the class had 1911 style guns, she did her thing and finished up no problem. She likes it and she can run the gun. Chris
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Slide bite is not likely to be a concern if your wife has small hands. I owned both the P230SL and P232SL and never got slide bite. They are snappy, even with the stainless steel frame which yours does not have.

I am surprised some of the negatives were not mentioned like heavy for size and small capacity, heel mag release, poor part availability, etc.

ETA: There is an all stainless P232 for sale in the Classifieds right now.
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I have had my P232sl for several years, it shoots well and I have had no issues with slide bite. My wife likes shooting it but complains about the effort required to rack the slide. Cocking the hammer makes it easier for her to cycle the slide. I put a crimson trace laser on it for her and she is highly accurate with it.

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I have to choke down some with my grip to avoid slide bite with mine. It takes a conscious effort on my part, so I mostly slow fire with it. The P232 stainless is indeed a beautiful pistol, and very accurate when I do my part.
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sick puppy
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My wife likes shooting it but complains about the effort required to rack the slide.

That may be a problem then... Hmm.

Ok. Despite her loving the looks, we may have to look elsewhere.

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I'd buy and try. I could almost guarantee if you're getting a good price it will never fall in value. One of my favorites, first SIG I ever owned. If nothing else good investment and pretty to fondle or look at.

ETA after seeing last reply. It's NOT easy to rack at all. If strength is a problem, not for her. Still buy it, just cause its purdy.


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Yeah as a blowback pistol, it's tightly sprung, which will increase difficulty to rack, and imparts a good deal of recoil, both of which aren't great for smaller women. The DA on my P230 is smooth, but fairly heavy. The benefit of it is the fixed barrel, which makes the pistol a laser.

If you're looking for a .380, check out the Bodyguard, the LCP II and the P238. Shooting my buddy's, my preference was for the LCPII, but it needs Talon grips.

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I bought a 232 stainless and sold it shortly after shooting it.

The downsides for me:

Snappy recoil, heal magazine release, doesn't hold many rounds and heavy for a small gun.
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My P232SL that I picked up earlier this year is a snappy bugger. I expected that since I'd shot the predecessor 230SL previously. What continues to surprise me is that my Thunder .380 seems softer shooting than either SIG.

The recoil isn't completely intolerable for me, but it also isn't pleasant. By a long shot. I find that I have use more gripping force in my strong hand than what I usually accustomed to using with other handguns just to keep the pistol from giving my hand a thorough beating. I certainly see the logic in SIG licensing the Pocketlite Mustang design from Colt. In terms of felt recoil it's a near-complete 180 from the two Germans.
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they are a little snappy compared to the soft shooting glock 42, I love the looks and feel of them, little heavy but probably one of the nicest looking pistols sig has ever produced imo.

I would have her shoot a g 42 and the 232 side by side if that's possible.
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I've shot several both 230 and 232. They are very appealing little pistols. Limp wrist wasn't an issue and also wasn't with friends who have one. His wife shot it and loed it.

If the snappy recoil is not a concern, just watch out for the corners of the slide, they can take nasty bite out of your hand it your hold is too high or you have meaty hands.

Saw it happen, required stitches.
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I carried my P232 for backup/off duty for years until I handed it to my wife one day at the range to try. She shot a very nice 15-shot group and promptly thanked me for the wonderful gift.

Yes, it's a bit snappy, but the Houge rubber grips help a lot with recoil. Slide bite has never been a problem, nor has the heel magazine release.
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Didn't mean to discourage your purchase. You might want to have your better half handle it first. My wife surprised me with a custom made holster, belt and magazine carrier. I, on occasion, carry my P232sl while driving. My criticism would be along the lines of ammo cost and availability; truth be told, I still carry the same P229 in 357Sig as when I retired. That having been said, I am really liking a recently acquired P239...

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snappy recoil is the key feedback. A 32acp barrel in it solves that problem. I had Josh at AGW swap it for me and he mentioned he could make a barrel for it pretty easily should someone want to do the same (factory 32 barrels are hen's teeth).
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My first pistol and my favorite too. It's a natural "point and shoot" gun. Super accurate too. I've carried mine with a ClipDraw for 15 years and I love it.

I have rather large hands and never had the slide bite issue.

Sexy to look at and feels great in the hand. Never selling mine.


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I loved mine! The web of my right hand, not so much.

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