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I've owned several M9-A1s, two of which are gray market guns from an importer. The Steyr M9s are amazing pistols that are accurate, function well (for me), have better triggers than all of the big name brand pistols except for possibly a Colt Series 70, 1911. Mine have no roll pin under the sight that were allegedly installed to improve the trigger. My older pistols have better triggers than the newer improved versions. That being said, the new triggers work well and are very light. Great pistols that are often overlooked.
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Originally posted by pessimist:
My buddy has a Steyr he bought new around 10 years ago. They are underrated guns. The trigger is great and I happen to like the triangle sights. They're fast and pretty precise. The ergos are very good too.

I prefer it over Glock. Of course it can't touch Glock in parts availability and aftermarket support.

I also had one of the CDNN bastardized M9... people called it the horrible trigger at the time, Little did we know all the great striker trigger now is similar in fell to the the M9.

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