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Springfield Champion Light Weight Operator was the best 1911 I've ever owned.

Any Springfield 1911 would be my first choice with the RO Elite Champion at the top of the list.


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Believe it or not I have a Kimber Raptor that is awesome. I used it in USPSA for years. Both Sigs, Stainless Super Target and Max Michel, shoot better than I ever will. They were both flawless with all ammo out of the box. Hearing all the hype I bought a Dan Wesson, a Classic Bobtail, and if I could only have one 1911 this would be it.

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It would be a DW commander size in 9mm
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My Triangle Shooting Sports 45 ACP Govt. (Hard Chromed Carbon Steel)

I might add another in 38 super.
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If I could only own one?

Springfield Professional.

Custom work with a history (I have a thing about collecting military/police duty firearms).

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It would be my Springfield Professional.
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I do only have one and I only got it cuz of the 100th anniversary, so it’s a Colt ANVIII.

Aside from that, if I wanted a range 1911, it’d probably be a RIA. Just something to toss around.

There is absolutely no way I’d buy a SA, Inc. firearm. If you gave me one, I’d sell or trade it for something made by a decent company.

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my SR1911 it's already my one and only Big Grin

that said, a Dan Wesson Razorback would be another option.
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Looking at this more as a heirloom infrequent shooter I would want ( still do- too bad my CMP # is in the 14000 range)a plain US military issue gun colt Rand Ithaca doesn’t. Matter. I am in for the history nostalgia. I realize it will not shoot like a modern one with a commander hammer beaver tail big sights etc but don’t care.
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If I could only own one, which is all I have now after owning a smorgasbord of them over the years, is a Ed Brown Special Forces model. Craftsmanship is excellent, feels good in the hand, &, the trigger is marvelous. Its worth it to pay the extra and be satisfied with a truly wonderful weapon, than to buy a lesser one and tinker it to death. Buy a Glock for that.

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.45ACP: 1. Springfield Champion Operator Light Weight. Comparing it side-by-side with many other makes and models, everyone says this is the best.
2. Full size .45ACP: Springfield Loaded Operator. Simply unbeatable.
3. 10mm: Camp Guard 10. After owning a pair of Colt Delta Elites, I said "NO 10MM's AGAIN EVER!" Then a friend handed me this Commander-size gun and I became a believer. Bought one. Carry it.
4. And my all-time faves: SigSauer 1911FTCA-357-ESCPN. “Fastback Emperor Scorpion Carry.” The 357Sig has been my go-to cartridge since it was introduced. My FESC guns, two of them, work flawlessly and are easy to handle with that hot cartridge. They get carried four-to-one over any other. The Springfield Champion Light-weight Operator is number two.

However - - - 9mm ammo has come so far that the 357Sig is not quite as far above it as in the past. I have a Colt Light-Weight Commander 9mm and I feel that with modern ammo it is better than any .45ACP, much easier to shoot fast and well than the Kimber, and knocking on the door of the Sigs.
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I have operational experience with the 9mm, .45ACP, .40S&W and 357Sig, so I had real-world opportunities to compare them. Even in the early '80s there was 9mm ammo available everywhere in the world except the U.S. that was about +P+ and easily outperformed .45ACP.
My employer rated .45ACP below 9mm and then .40S&W when it came out. They later all but dropped the 40.
The 357Sig was a far flatter-shooting round than 9mm, and had more power at any given distance. Still is, for the most part, but I'd like to compare modern 9mm+P+ against Sig 357Sig ammo.
I'm retired, so top terminal performance is no longer a big factor for me, and ease of shooting has ascended in importance. The Colt LW Commander handles 9mm+P very well. Haven't found any +P+ to try.
1911-pattern guns and I were born in the same pod. Only the S&W M&P and Sig P320C have shaken that rock-solid foundation. In both, I shoot only 357Sig. As said in my previous post, the Sig Fastback Emperor Scorpion Carry 357Sig is my favorite 1911-pattern gun.
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I only have one 1911, a S&W. It’s a .45.

I mainly bought it several years ago because I think every gun owner should have a 1911 .45. I haven’t shot it in quite a while; I should probably take it out on the next range trip...

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Dan Wesson.
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I was asking myself the same questions as the OP some months ago. I thought I was through with the 1911 after giving my last one to my son a couple years ago, but a renewed desire for a 1911 pistol began growing in my head and I couldn't shake it. At first, I thought a 10mm Colt Delta Elite would satisfy me but I realized I'd rather own a pistol in the original caliber. Although there are numerous good choices out there, I decided on Colt. My first purchase was a Colt Competition series. I just couldn't warm up to the appearance so I traded it for a NIB (08011XSE) Combat Elite my LGS had hidden in a safe for the last 5 or 6 years. I'm sure I could have been happy with any number of different 1911 options in the $1000 range, but I wanted the Rampant Pony stamp on my one and only 1911 pistol. Shooting has confirmed it as a good choice. It will see only range use and eventually pass in to my son's hands.
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Well, I currently have a few. A Wilson CQB, A Sig TacOps, a Kimber CDP, a Taurus, a Rock Island 9mm, and a GSG 1911-.22.

And, if I had to keep only 1, I'd keep the Sig without even thinking. Not because this is a Sig forum, but because I think that gun is sooo good. The Wilson comes in at 2nd place, and the others could go tomorrow and I wouldn't miss them much.

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I have four, all Colts. I am with Pulicords, my favorite, and one I still pull out regularly, is a Combat Commander.
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If it fits into your budget ... Wilson Combat loaded with Wilson mags ... worked for me on duty and now as a civvy. You will never regret owning it nor lose any money on it. My old hands appreciate the 9mm for recoil reduction, but for any serious situation ...45 ACP all the way !
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My old Wilson CQB Compact. It's almost 20 years old and looks it. But it always goes boom and puts rounds where the should go assuming I did my part.


My almost sterile early NightHawk 5". Same reasons.

Wilson mags.


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Of currently produced, the Dan Wesson Commander Classic.

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