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Thinking about a .22 revolver, Ruger SP101 or Smith & Wesson 63? Ended up with a Ruger LCRx Login/Join 
CAPT Obvious
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I’m pretty sure I’m going to get one of these two, but want some opinions before I do so. I had the Smith years ago but sold it and really like it for its size. Is there any compelling reason to go for the Ruger? They’re only $20 apart on price as well so that’s not a factor. Help me spend my money.

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That's just the
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I own the SP101 with 4" barrel and 8-shot cylinder. I have had some extraction problems with certain brands of 22 ammunition, perhaps because of the eight spent cases. I also dislike the fact that you have to remove the grips and trigger group just to remove the cylinder. Knowing what I know now, I would buy the S&W before the SP101.

To be fair, the SP101 is a well made, nicely finished revolver with great sights.

SP101_22LR by GaryBF, on Flickr
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I purchased a new model 63 year before last. It was the most inaccurate in my hands, poorly finished, Smith I’ve ever owned. I was embarrassed how terrible it was. I compared it with three others at the LGS before I left with what I thought was the best of the three. They all lacked the craftsmanship of the older pre lock 63’s. It’s not exactly an inexpensive 22.

If I was gonna do it over and wanted something new. I’d likely and am considering a Ruger 3” LCRx 22

Or get and older Smith like a model 18, old 63, etc.


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Not really from Vienna
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“Or get an older Smith like a model 18, old 63, etc.”

^^^that is good advice

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The Great Equalizer
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I am a BIG fan of the 22 LR cartridge. I have many firearms chambered for it

I have been shooting the Model 34/63 for as long as I can remember

My oldest is this 2" improved I frame 22/32 kit gun (often called a pre-34) that was manufactured in 1953

The 4" Model 63 is a great starter pistol for young novices to learn on.

A little over 2 decades ago, Smith and Wesson redesigned the old 6 shooter into an 8 shooter. I think is was a great idea. Obviously other Companies think so as well since they followed suit

My first 8 shooter in 22 LR was the J-frame Model 317. This is an air-weight snubby tipping the scales right a 10 ounces. What a pleasure to pocket carry all day long

My most recent addition is a 8 shot, 3" Model 63. This is another winner from Smith and Wesson. It has replaced my 4" Model 63 as a teaching gun for young novices.

Unfortunately, I have not photographed it yet. The stainless steel construction offers a platform that is heavy enough to make the 22LR recoil nominally. The J-frame is right at the point that it fits most everyone from Young Adult to all of us full grown folk even the ones with BIG Paws.

Truthfully I can not comment on the Ruger offering as I have never owned one, shot one or even handled one. I admit I am not a big fan of Ruger products with the exception of the 10/22, MK-1/MKII pistols and the Mini-14s.

I do have a older Ruger Bearcat which again us used when teaching younger shooters, The Bearcat is not suitable for most adults unless you happen to have petite hands. It is a scaled down Single Action style revolver.

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I know it wasn't one on your list but .
My wife and myself really enjoy shooting our Smith model 617's
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I have not owned an SP 101 in .22, however, I have owned (2)of the 3" model 63. The first one I purchased was so inaccurate that I ended up getting rid of it.
There is just something incredibly appealing to me about an all stainless .22 revolver of that size, so about 6 years later I decided to roll the dice and bought another one. Thankfully, this one shoots great. It is a very handy little gun to have around and it is fun to shoot.
The problem is that they really do seem to be hit or miss in the quality department. Upon reading different things on line, it would seem I am not the only one to experience this with that particular model. At the price point these things go at, I find that inconsistency in quality pretty pathetic.
Now that I seem to have found a good one I don't think I am going to let it go. Around here just finding one in a gun store to fondle is a bit tough. I actually had to have my LGS order my current one.

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The Ruger doesn't have a lock.

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Get the Smith. Try the 617s! They are fantastic. The SP101s are good guns in the larger calibers but, I've found them not ideal for the .22......just something not quite right. Heavier trigger pull, gun is heavier than needed and accuracy seems to be spotty unless you get "that one gun".
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I've got an older S&W 63-1. I had to get the chambers polished so that the rounds were able to extract. I also had the cylinder hand replaced when the chambers got polished and the revolver shoots great. I would recommend adding a set of aftermarket grips.

Unfortunatley, I don't have experience with the new 63s.
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I've had both. The Ruger was a better gun. I now have a great .22LR LCR BUT the very best .22 revolver I ever owned was, believe it or not, a Charter Pathfinder 3 inch. It's one of the two guns I actually wore out.
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I will swim upstream and suggest you look at the Taurus Model 94.
I just sold mine after ten years or so of good service. It was priced right, had great sights and was accurate with a wide variety of ammo.
And I knew all the stories about bad Taurus QC.
Not the case with my 94. Good little gun.

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My SP101 had to go back to the mothership for horrible cylinder drag. Came back fine. Still pretty heav6 trigger, even for a 22. I sometimes think it’s still dragging a little. Maybe not. I do love the little gun though.

I always love the 63 though. Notwithstanding that horrible experience described above, I would gladly get one and install the Hilary hole plug and be very happy.
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fugitive from reality
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I have a 5" GP100. Great gun and very easy to work on. Like all 22's it's ammo specific, but once you find what it likes it can clean the 'X' ring of a 25 yard bullseye target.

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Originally posted by arfmel:
“Or get an older Smith like a model 18, old 63, etc.”

^^^that is good advice

+1. They are hands down better than any new guns I've seen. Have acquired two recently (one for each son) and I LOVE them.

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I could write about the wonders of many other .22lr revolvers, some of which I either have, or have had,- but most of which are larger than the size you are selecting.

Of the two, I really don't know that there is enough difference to matter- unless you were trying to be match-grade competition accurate.

I had some accuracy hangups in my SP101, but it was made in the first year of the roll out of the 8 shot revolver.

The only other .22lr revolver I've held in that size is a High Standard Sentinel Deluxe.

Ruger trigger is much more customizable.

These are solid choices, and I'd get what you like more. If you are undecided- buy both!

Again, there are plenty of good older firearms available- but I won't point them out to you as you need to select what makes YOU happy: even if it isn't what would be my preference.

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CAPT Obvious
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Definitely sounds like I can’t really go wrong with either choice. I’d briefly entertained the idea of the 617 but don’t really want something that heavy. I believe I’m going to go with the Smith as I regret selling the one I had.
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I have the SP101 in 22LR and simply love it. I have every intention of getting the 4.2" GP100 (1766) in 22LR as well. I love my stainless Mark II's in 22LR as well.

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I'm holding out for Colt to offer a 4 inch adjustable sight Cobra in 22.

Until then I will make do with my Buckmark.
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I have a S&W 63 3", relatively recent production. I went with it mainly as I wanted a 3", as opposed to the 4" Ruger offerings.

Quality is good, but it certainly isn't great - as I got it on discount, I feel I got my $$$ worth - but wouldn't if I had paid the going rate. Rollmarks are uneven, the rear adjustable sight was worn down and I replaced it myself, but overall it's been good.

It's accurate enough and easy for my kids to shoot, so it has done what it is supposed to do.
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