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I just picked up two non-Glocks that are making me stray...

First, I re-entered the P320 world (I had 2 I dumped because I got frustrated with, and bought two Glocks...). The ergo's are just so...well good, and the concept of this pistol is just such a great idea...(fire control group and interchangeable components...). I'm going to have to put some considerable time behind the trigger of this to get myself used to the grip angle.

Then I traded one of my Glocks for a VP9...uh oh boy....Im in big trouble now. The ergonomics and feel are just awesome. It points a little more naturally for me, and I hope it has the reliability HK is supposed to have...

I'd post pictures, but dealing with third party hosting has gotten to be such a pain in the...well you know...

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You made a great choice with the HK PV9. I've had mine for a few months now and it's easily one of the most comfortable to shoot and accurate pistols I own. It's also been 100% reliable.
The PV9 is my first HK, but I'm sure it won't be my last.
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You definitely made a good choice. After carrying the sig 365 and glock 43 micro nines bought myself a HK vp9sk mini. Tad heavier but boy does it feel good in the hand and very accurate. Enjoy!!
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The HK P30 and VP@ grip, ring configurable is about th best there is on the market. My P30 after changing the panels and backstraps around feels like it was made for my hand.

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Congrats!! If the vp9 is new you will want to run stronger ammo through it, as they come with the same spring as the vp40. After a 1-200 rounds it will shoot anything. I have 2 vp9's I use for competition and they are accurate, fast, and exceptionally reliable. I am an Hk fanboy, admittedly, but I think it's hard for anyone not to like the vp9Smile Enjoy!!

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I am also a Glock fanboy. I tried the P320 and while I liked it, it still wasn't my Glock. The VP9 is the one that could give my Glocks a run for my affections

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Try a CZ P10C.


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I'm done with fast plastic all together and pretty have 1911's and revolvers.
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Ergonomically, I find it hard to beat many of HK offerings. My VP feels like it was issued on the day of my creation. It becomes a part of my hand it fits soo well! Love it!!
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Both are excellent handguns. I liked everything about the VP9 when I had one. The P320, well, speaks for itself.

One of the greatest things I like about the P320 is not even the "shoot ability" of it. It is the ability to mix and match parts to come up with a combination that I like.

For instance, last week, we took an X Carry and changed out this and that to find the so called "BEST". We put on various slides, various sight configurations, shot the small, standard, and large X Grip, etc. What I found for me is that the standard compact slide works the best on the large X grip for shooting one target fast. But, the X carry slide works the best for multiple targets. The X carry has a thump to the recoil impulse that just sets you perfect for transitions under recoil.

None the less, the choice of components is pretty slick. All stuff that people whine about with the government contracts is what is driving the innovation. You can thank a lot of it for whatever the new ICE/DHS gun winds up looking like.

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The paddle release on my VP9 is what got me to switch the mag release to the right side on my M&P and buy a MARS release for my G19. It's a great pistol!
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