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I've had a P224 SAS in 9mm since 2016, shortly before they discontinued production. It is a late 2013 build, and it had been languishing on the shelves of an LGS for about three years. When I first got it, there would be occasional issues with the slide going fully back into battery during a string of fire, but nothing like the problems seen from mid year 2013 production guns in 40S&W. a simple tap on the back of the slide would solve the problem.
On my most recent trip to the range with the P224, it started failing to feed a fresh round into the chamber and jammed the slide. I had to drop the mag and cycle the slide to drop the unspent round. Happened 8 or 10 times in about 150 rounds.
I called Sig. The Customer Service guy asked me to sent it in, and emailed me an RMA for FedEx. (I did have to pay for that.)
He called a few days later and said the bad news was that they could not fix the pistol. They tried several different slides and all of them caused the same FTF problem. His comment from the armorer was that there was something wrong in the manufacturing of the frame. I am no mechanical engineer, but my other P series Sigs have full length frame rails, and I was surprised when I first bought the P224 that it did not. In retrospect, I wonder whether full length frame rails on this pistol would have made it more reliable, and whether that would have made it a better seller. When it was operating properly, it was as accurate as my P229.
The good news part of this is Sig Customer Service offered to replace it under warranty with almost any other pistol they make. after thinking about it over the weekend, I chose a P220 Legion, which should be on the way in a few weeks. Not a fan of that whole "Legion" marketing gimmick, but the better sights, grip, and trigger were well worth the small up charge over the P220 Nitron.
I know there are folks on the Forum who will say what Sig offered was not extraordinary at all, but only what they should have done in response to the problems with the P224. They may be correct, but Sig was upfront about wanting to help, honest about their failure to fix it, and anxious to make their customer feel "right" about the whole thing.
For you P224 fans with reliable guns, congratulations. If you are interested, I will probably post my extra magazines and holsters in the WTS section
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Can't think of any better way that this could have turned out under the circumstances (okay, so I'm partial to the P220).

Let us know your thoughts about the Legion when it arrives.

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Thanks. Looking forward to that first range trip with the P220.
Incidentally, I recently acquired a P225A1. 250 rounds out of the barrel and nary a hiccup. I had no expectation it would have any issues, but I am pleased it didn’t
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That is outstanding Customer Service. I've only seen the Legion guns and they are very nice. Bet you dollars to doughnuts you will love the pistol. Sorry for the loss of your lil gun but man, a P220 Legion replacement is going to make your day.
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You came out WAY AHEAD on that deal.


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WOW. Sorry you had to go through all that. However, I think you came out ahead on this deal.

Enjoy your new Sig!

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Holy balls batman! That's awesome! Major upgrade!


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