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I've had equal luck with the Apex Duty Carry Kit and the Wilson Combat Custom Tune Spring Kit. If I had to choose, I'd go with the Wilson Combat spring kit. It's cheaper. I don't think the Apex extended firing pin is necessary. I've never had a failure using the Wilson hammer springs (or Wolff 8# hammer springs for that matter). Before installing new springs, I'll typically dry fire the gun with snap caps about 1000 times. When I go to install the new springs, I'll lightly stone any high spots I can easily identify on the internals. With the Wilson Kit, I normally use the middle rebound spring (14#).

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I agree with the LCR comments. I've seen a ton of new J-frames come in direct from S&W and not a one of them has anything close to a decent trigger. Jerky action all through the travel, and most often heavy to boot as well. Makes a person wonder if the people at S&W who assemble these things ever actually SHOOT their own handiwork. Conversely, centerfire LCRs are typically smoother and lighter in pull weight. Several higher levels more usable and enjoyable. However their rimfire examples are another matter; Ruger has a thing about crappy rimfire revolver triggers that I just don't get.

IMHO the best revolver trigger of guns currently made in the J-frame size group belongs to the Kimber K6S, with the new production Colt Cobra's second best. Ironic that a revolver newbie and a long dormant DA revolver maker can spank the triggers of two long-time revolver makers, but that's how I see it as being.
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Originally posted by madmatt:
Highly recommend Sandy Garrett of North Virginia Gun Works. Work on my S&W 625-3 trigger and action were phenomenal! Couldn't put down or stop dry firing! Even better at the range!
Tried his Ruger Security Six; probably the best I've handled.

Sandy has worked on several revolvers for me over the years including a Python. All of his work is top notch . . . period!!
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