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Never gripe about a pistol, until you shoot it. Or, story of how I'm now a P365 convert. **Update with comparison to the G43x** Login/Join 
Oriental Redneck
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Today (well, it's yesterday now), I took my brand new P228 "Classic Carry" to the range just to put a few rounds through it. Nothing exciting. P228 reliability, etc... boring.

Then after I was done, I asked the range guy if they have the P365 for rental. Sure did. I remember when I was trying to decide between the G43x and the P365 a few months ago at this same range, I went with the G43x because the P365's trigger was terribly gritty. Today, I said, why not give it (P365) a try actually shooting it, you know, giving it a fair shot. Asked them how many rounds have been through the gun. About 1000.

Oh man, as they say, the rest is history. Wow! Naturally pointing and just so so soft shooting, and quickly back on target. Shot 50 rds of their Rem UMC 115Gr FMJ ammo. I liked it so much, I got another 50 rds through the gun. Zero hiccups and right on target. And, the trigger was much better, no doubt smoothed out from previous shooting. Grip is so much better than the G43x. Also put a few rounds through the G43x that I was carrying to compare. Man, no contest. The P365 won. So, I picked up one of their new P365s for $519, which is not bad at all for a LGS. Support your local businesses, right? And, carrying this thing is so easy. Pocket carry, it completely disappears, with no protruding grip butt at all. IWB carry, the texture doesn't bother my skin at all, although it is much grippier than the G43x, which is fairly slippery.

Also, I used to say never to SIG plastic guns. Well, scratch that "never", because this one quite possibly is the perfect CC pistol for me. Eek

Updated with size comparison to the G43x. Just amazes me that the little guy, with the same amount of firepower, is really dwarfed sitting right next to the already small G43x, especially when looking at them from the rear. Even with the 12-rounder in, it is still smaller.

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The Whack-Job
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Congrats! Smile The 365 really is a great little gun. Were I to buy a plastic striker fired carry gun, the 365 would be it. Enjoy yours! Regards 18DAI

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Wow! I'd say that's high praise for the 365 coming from you. I examined one at the BX the other day, and I thought it felt really good in the hand. Hearing your experience supports all the other anecdotal accounts of how awesome it is. Many of us on this forum value the opinions of yourself and several others. Definitely worth considering. And no, I'm not trying to suck up or anything...just found it interesting that you were so persuaded. Happy shooting!

Regards From Sunny Tucson,

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That’s quite a glowing recommendation, sir. I may have to finally look into one!

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I did a "trigger polish" on mine after 1,000 rounds and put a Gray Guns flat trigger on mine.

This is now the best trigger I have ever had on a SIG and most of my 12 SIGS have been to visit Bruce Gray and his elves for trigger work.

Carrying mine in a Crossbreed "The Reckoning" holster for strong side carry and just picked up a CYA holster to give appendix carry a try.

I love this gun for summer carry.

The "Boz"
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Welcome to the club

I may not be that good looking, or athletic, or funny, or talented, or smart...
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Congrats on your latest acquisition!

Trying is believing! Almost every person that has shot mine has bought one of their own. Some of those people have gone forward and allowed others to try their theirs.

The P365 is contagious! The SIGness continues to spread! Cool

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Q - You might want to try the rubber Talon grip covers. They reduce the grip texture ever so slightly but reduce the “carry all day against your skin” abrasion factor by a large percentage vs. the factory P365 grip finish...

In my estimation the grip texture tack is only reduced by 12% but the skin abrasion is reduced by 61%. It is a great $15.00 “give it a try” investment and the cool part is they also provide the 12 round extended mag piece for about two dollars more....My wife and I both have the rubber Talon grip covers on our P365’s and with 9+ months of IWB carry for me (cannot carry at work so my carry is limited to evening outings and every weekend from the time I get up until I go to bed) the Talons are still stuck right where I attached them....The 12 round mag Talon grip has started to peel up ever so slightly on one corner but a quick trim with my pocket knife fixed that issue.....

Also keep in mind SIG just started selling the complete line of replacement parts for the P365 so you may consider picking up a few extra parts for those unexpected issues.....Congratulations on your purchase. We LOVE our P365’s. I am looking at the Vedder IWB Rapid Tuck with Horsehide holster as my next purchase. Hoping they put this model on sale for Fathers Day......Mark
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The P365 has become my perfect carry gun. In the last year there were probably only 2 days that I carried a different gun.

Now go order some 12rd mags and you'll realize how much nicer it is with that added grip length.

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Coincidentally, I recently picked up a P365 from a local shop. They too were asking $519 for it but came down a bit.
12131, did you get yours at Shiloh or somewhere else?
Mine came from Shoot Point Blank in Cypress.

The first time out, my thumbs were aching from loading the mags.
An UpLULA made that much easier to deal with.

So far it has been a fine shooter.
The only thing left is to find the right holster for it.
Looking to pocket carry this and have been following the other threads related to holster options.

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Yeah, I made that mistake with the SP2022. Boy was that dumb.

I’ve got 2 buds (Brothers) that are my shooting partners. One is a Steyr guy, the other mostly M&P. I’m the SIG guy. The Steyr guy and I had gone to a SIG promo day at a sorta-local gun shop to try the P365 last year. I was sold right away but know to wait at least a year. The Steyr guy liked it but preferred his Steyr. Then his brother the S&W guy picked up a P365 two months ago or so. He raved about how small it was and how it shot. We all helped him put a few hundred rounds through it for reliability verification. Of course, the Steyr brother had to get one. I’m watching my nickels and dimes at the moment, so I’m left out in the cold. I keep protesting that I’m supposed to be the SIG guy...they’re either not listening or don’t care.

Anyway, nice addition. Hope it doesn’t become your new addiction!

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Oriental Redneck
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Mark, the grip texture is perfectly fine for me. Not aggressive like the G19 RTF2 or the M&P 2.0, but still way grippier than the G43x. Doesn't bother my skin at all.

Patrick, got it from Shiloh. They waived the $15 rental fee, so it's $504. I had the UpLULA with me, so loading mag was a breeze. I was carrying it around in a soft Blackhawk holster yesterday to see how it goes, but will get a Comp-Tac Infidel Max for IWB carry. Love the Infidel Max. My 43x, 19 RTF2, and P228 are all carried by this holster.


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Keep us updated, I know Sig watches these forums, but it would be good to know if it stays reliable for you. I've been holding off after getting burned on the p320.

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I'm a big fan of the P365 too and rectified the rough feeling grip issue with rubber Talon grip tape. Perfect feeling now, IMHO. I thought the Xray sights were good, but replaced them with a set of Trijicon HDs as I consider these to be the best thing on the market for "old eyes" like I've got.

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Just some general statements on the grip texture issue.

1) I have always worn a light sleeveless undershirt when carrying in warm weather. Meaning when I use an IWB with an un-tucked shirt. If it's really hot, I'll use some baby powder on my bod before I put the undershirt on. The grip texture becomes irrelevant.

2) If grip texture is too aggressive and messes up your hand, simple solution. Take some FINE sandpaper or emory cloth and LIGHTLY go over the problem areas. A light hit is usually all that is necessary. Visually, I can't even tell the difference because it only hits the sharp points and doesn't change the appearance. Did this on my Gen4 Glocks.

I wish 12131 hadn't posted this.Frown Now i"m considering a P365. One of the guys I shoot weekly with has one. I'll bring some factory ammo this weekend and try his first.

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The standard 365 will give me slide bite like a Gen3 Glock or some other compact/micro guns (Sig 230, Walther PPK).

I'm REALLY hoping that beavertail on the XL solves that issue for me and I can join the 365 club
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Kudos for the “proof of life” background photo !
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Welcome to the party Q!

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Congrats on the 365 Many, many people are buying them and loving them, and as expected the complaints seemed to stop coming.

I actually held one recently at my LGS side by side with my Ruger LC9s and I still liked the feel, weight and trigger of the Ruger more. I'm not saying anything negative about the 365; it's just not for me, and I am comfortable carrying 8 rounds of 9mm.
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"never say never"!

congratulations on a nice addition q.
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