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Originally posted by RichN:
Originally posted by wolfe 21:
Honestly, probably only a very few times on a loaded chamber. I like striker and 1911 so not really an issue. Most of my shooting is all SA at the range or is a DAO action. I am not a hunter. So that is not where my mind would go initially, but does make sense I guess. My Sigs are loaded and fired til empty. Decocker is for dropping hammer on empty to put back in the case or when cleaning and reassembling after range. I started shooting pistols on single actions, so hammer down on a live round in anything bugs me a little.

That could make for an interesting self-defense defense.

Unless a paper target takes me to court, I doubt it. My range is private, so no commands or RSO. I honestly hadn't considered that requirement.

A Perpetual Disappointment...
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I for one wouldn't be wandering around my house at night with any revolver cocked. Anyway..... I like to put my thumb between the hammer and frame, pull the trigger, you will feel the hammer release from the sa sear. Now take your finger off the trigger and put it on the spur of the hammer, take your other thumb off the frame and let the hammer down.

As others have mentioned most modern revolvers have built in safetys preventing the firing pin from strikeing the primer if the trigger is not pulled. Give yourself a few minutes with the gun (empty please) and you will figure it out. BTW learn to shoot double action and you will learn better trigger control with all guns not just revolvers.
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Ok everyone is being nice so I will just say what everyone is thinking. If you can’t think of why you might ever have to decock a revolver you are being obtuse, stupid, or trolling. I don’t know which and don’t care.

And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near you and a gun if simple tasking like making a firearm safe confuses you.
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