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Beretta PX4's and CZ Guns...current build quality/longevity? Login/Join 
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As far as the rotating barrel system goes, I can tell you that the perceived recoil is less than in other systems (Browning, Beretta 92, etc). I've got both a Beretta 8000F and a Beretta 8000L and they definitely have less muzzle flip than most pistols chambered in 9mm.
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My informal testing agrees with this. The PX4 has among the least felt recoil of the full size 9mm pistols I tried.

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No experience with the CZ, but I picked up a PX4 Compact to see if AIWB was for me. It has quickly become one of my favorite TDA guns to shoot.

Especially when loaded with 147s, it's probably the softest and flattest shooting pistol I own. It shoots way bigger than it's size.

At least in my experience, the Compact shoots significantly better than the Full Size version. I'm not sure what black voodoo magic is going on with the Compact, but it's real.

The only con, as henryarnaud mentioned as well, is the slick grips. However, it's an easy fix. Otherwise it's an easy pistol to tweak and the upgrades are relatively cheap.
It's also nice to be able to convert it to "G" without having to buy a separate kit like the 92 series.

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Originally posted by cslinger:
I am an HK P2000 Guy for a bunch of reasons that are probably stupid for most folks but suffice to say they are my go to in either 9mm or .40.

Durability and longevity shouldn’t be a concern unless you are running a .40 with that HOT ASS 155 grain federal load. I have run some and it’s got some ass behind it to be sure.

Trigger on the HK spectrum isn’t that bad especially as it breaks in. Not gonna be Beretta or CZ Good but not HORRIBLE either.

Finish is better then either.

Fit is probably better then either.

For me personally it carries better then either the P01 or PX4.

It’s handles recoil extremely well. It’s a pussycat in .40 but not as much as the PX4 in .40. In 9mm it’s a wash but the rotating bolt PX4 does start to shine with bigger / hotter calibers.

All in all I really don’t think you will be disappointed in any of them. They are all sort of red headed step children in the gun world, maybe less so the CZ but generally so but beyond that they are all fairly well loved by their owners. They all have their pros and cons. None really stands out as SUBSTANTIALLY better or worse then the others. It really will come down to what YOU like.

Of course that said your judgement is already in question as you must be some kind of Luddite, who doesn’t understand that you will never be able to shoot a DA/SA gun well and will be sooo slow on that first shot you will surely be dead from the eleven rounds pumped in you from the guy with the Glock. I mean COME ON MAN ITS A STRIKER FIRED WORLD!!! Roll Eyes Big Grin Wink

^^^ This. At the risk of being "that guy" (you know, the one who recommends something OTHER than the choices presented), I think you should check out the P2000. I was in your boat a while back, considering the PX4 Compact & a CZ P01/PCR, I ended up with the HK P2000. Dead-nuts reliable, accurate, and for me, carries better & feels better than either of the others. Of course YMMV.

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I have both the Beretta Compact Carry and CZ P-01 and am thinking should have kept the HK P2000. I wish the HK was still available more widely. I do not see them new in the stores anymore. P2000 was more comfortable in my hand then either Compact Carry or P-01 and was easy to shoot well. But, I carry G19 Gen 5 these days and it outshoots all of the others anyway.
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I owned a HK P2000 LEM that I wish I still had, never owned a PX4c but I have owned many CZ's and still have one left. A '91 made 75 converted to SAO by Angus Hobdell. It's been totally reliable through at least 20,000 rounds with no broken parts.
Were I getting a carry pistol I would get the P2000 LEM. If that's on your list.
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In answer to the original question, build quality on current CZs appears to be excellent, based on my reading through commentary on the CZ forum and my own experience with recently purchased guns: a CZ-75D Compact PCR and a CZ-75BD.

CZ’s current product line gives you a choice of models that have a variety of frame types (all steel, aluminum, or polymer) and various firing systems (DA/SA or striker, decocker or safety). Definitely worth a look, although the thread seems to be veering towards HK after some discussion on the Beretta. I don’t think the OP can go really wrong here; all are good pistols. But give the CZs a look if you have time - build quality is excellent, and reliability is legendary.
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Finally got my hands on a PX4...the trigger pull was a huge's excellent.

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I have a pair of Px4 Compact carry pistols and think that they are pretty great. I have been carrying the Px4 for a few months now and I am amazed at how accurate and soft shooting they are. The grips are pretty slippery and require that the talon grips that are included are used. I'll probably wind up stippling them at some point.

As a point of comparison I also own a P2000 LEM and find it pretty comparable.

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