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I have a Sig P220 Elite Scorpion in .45ACP. I love how the gun shoots, but I've gotten tired of the FDE look. I want to convert it to a durable black or maybe dark grey finish. I remember reading quite a while back that it was difficult to refinish an aluminum framed gun since removing the old finish could remove the anodizing and weaken the metal. Does anyone know of a safe way to do this and someone that is skilled enough to do it right?

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They can take care of you.

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WCB Beat me to it.

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Cera-Hide black or Tritanium gray by CCR. Don't worry. They will NOT strip off the anodization from the alloy frame.
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For real?
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Their house black might look nice.

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I agree with everyone else, CCR.

For me they were slow and not very responsive in communication. But man, they did a GREAT JOB on my old beat up, W German P220. CCR is really good!

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Same answer as above. (The responders to your query have a collective 56K posts on this forum. That alone should provide THE answer to your question.) Smile

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