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So I have been in a cave for the past several years. Apparently, Glock upgraded the magazine springs on the G22 and G31 with a new 11 coil spring (old ones has 10 coils) about 3-5 years ago. This is to help fix the jamming issue when a weapon mounted light was used on 3rd gen guns.

At any rate, I replaced all my old magazine springs with the new 11 coil spring, and it looks like a solid upgrade. The new 11 coil spring is an inch or two longer and has more spring compression. Should give much longer life than the old magazine spring.

The Glock part number for the new 11 coil spring is 33601. The Brownells part number is 100-700-083WB. Glock would probably swap the springs for free if you called and asked them.

I know a lot of folks on here probably have some old police trade in pistols. Keeping good mag springs in these guns is probably a good idea.

If you want to add a Glock plus 2 baseplate to your Glock 17 magazine (making a 19 round magazine), apparently this spring is the recommended upgrade by Glock as well.

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Thanks. I wasn't aware of that change. I have both the G31 and G22.
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Wasn’t this fifteen years ago? We were having issues in ‘02 and Glock sent us springs for our 22s. Our 22s also had the frame recalls.

We switched to gen3 31s in ‘08 and had no issues with WMLs. I got in four gen4 31s in ‘12 and all have been fine with WMLs. I’m planning on transitioning all our guns to gen4 31s this summer.

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Make sure you are using the most current followers as well. Years ago, when KSP were having issues they were sent followers and spring from Glock and it corrected the issues.


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