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Happy Holidays everyone, does anyone know of an aftermarket manufacturer of nice wood grips for the A1?
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SIG -- or doesn't that count as "aftermarket"?

Looks like they're out of stock, anyway.
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Sig was the only place I could find as well. Problem is they've been out of stock for several months now.
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Wood is not available from Hogue, but G10 is, if interested

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I don't want to dissuade you on wood grips for your P225a1, but I had wood grips on my P225a1 and it was overly thick. I know that things of this nature can be subjective, but it was thick! I quickly sold those wood grips and replaced them with G10's. I could not be happier.....
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The factory wood grips are definitely thicker than the standard factory grips. Have both, like to look at the wood and hold the other.

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