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A 1911 always. Most time a DW VBOB in 45 or 38 Super, but sometimes a DW Silverback in 10 or a full-sized S&W 1911 in 45 and on rare occasions a Colt series 80 full-sized 38 Super or a LB Custom Carry commander sized in 38 Super.

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Now, it's a G-19
At the minimum a Ruger LCP 380.

Work, it's a G-21 with a G-30 or a S&W 340PD.


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Glock 43 in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster most of the time, or a G19 in a Rosen ARG

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Glock 26 98% of the time. Occasionally I would carry my Glock 19 with Surefire XC1.

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Usually P938 or P2000sk.
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Glock 27 in a VersaMax2
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FNH 5 7X28 service model
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Glock 23 with Surefire XC1. After one mass shooting or another...I think San Bernardino, I ditched my CCO 1911 in favor of something that shared mags with my issued gun and therefore my chest rig. I'm not a .40 fan but I'm married to it at work.

I also always have a spare 15 round mag and my LCP in my pocket.
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my carry for over 15 years is a Sig P220st, ive tried litteraly dozens of others but always go back to her. I know its big, and at times hard to carry concealed but she is my carry
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In cold weather and in moderate weather I carry a P227R full size nitron model.

In hot weather when I perspire more I carry a G32.

The Glock withstands perspiration better than the P227R. If the controls on the P227R were stainless or were given one of the corrosion resistant surface treatments I would carry the P227R year round.
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Well now Sig Forum thread I'll go with my Sig P-228 24/7 with two extra magazines just in case. Chris
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CZ P-07 in 9mm, like this one.

For size reference, it is roughly the same as a railed P229. 15-round magazine, with available newly introduced 16-round with no additional length.

Actual gun in a Cook's AIWB holster:

Second gun (actually the one I'd probably go for first) is a Ruger LCP in my right front pocket, in a Mika pocket holster. If I'm out and about, both go with me.
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M&P9c in a Concealco iwb. It's a little chunky but carries well with a Beltman belt.
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My main carry gun is a Glock 19 carried OWB, but I also carry a Smith and Wesson Model 36 or 60 in a pocket holster from time to time as well.

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Glock 17, 19, or 26, in TT Gun Leather IWB holsters.

I'll likely be adding my 9mm P320 Compact/Carry into the rotation in the near future.

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SIG 938 SAS as my BUG. It rides in a DeSantis Super Fly pocket holster. A seven round mag is kept on the belt as a reload.

During the week, I normally have a Gen 4 G31, ( or Gen 4 G32 ) in a small Glock back pack, ( it has a basic nylon holster w/ thumb break that's velcro'd in it's own little compartment on the back pack. ) I have a Blackhawk SERPA holster and double mag pouch in the back pack along with multiple loaded mags and a box of ammo.

While off from work/weekends and leaving the house, I carry a Springfield Armory EMP 9 with two addtional mags. The EMP rides in a Milt Sparks VM2.

Just for around the house, yard work, etc, I carry a Walther 9mm PPS in local made kydex OWB holster. I carry an additional seven round mag on my belt.

I recently bought a Blue Lable Glock 43 that I'm nearly finished with working up and breaking in. I have a VM2 and a locally made kydex OWB holsters for it. It will probably replace the PPS and alternate with the EMP during the hotter months here.

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For years it was my Sig 229 in .357. The I was introduced to 1911's and it was my Sig 1911 Fastback Carry. Now its my Ed Brown Kobra Carry.

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Depending on the day, activities, weather, etc., I rotate between a Glock 43, 26 or 19 in JM Custom Kydex AIWB holsters. In the winter I will drop the 17 in on occasion.

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My Sig P-239, but of late a CZ P-07 gray has seen some use.

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