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So it's the force of the recoil specifically that's the issue? If so something like the Shadow 2 would be a good option, if slide manipulation is not the problem. Some large and heavy 9mm. Some of the all steel SIG models may be something to look at as well. If slide manipulation is (or you think it will soon be) an issue I agree with the others on a revolver. All steel 4" or so...627 certainly checks those boxes.
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Take a look at the Ruger GP100. Can be had in many flavors, styles and chambering; .357, 10mm, .44 Special. The 10mm versions will give you moon clip loading like the 625 in a smaller and lighter package.

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CZ 75B? Or other similar steel-frame, non-decocking model. Alloy-framed ones kick a little, but the heavier steel frame should cancel this out. The slide may be difficult for you to work, but surely you can handle it once to load the chamber. Cocking the hammer first makes this a little easier. Then leave it cocked with the safety on.
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I have Arthritis in the Radial Head in both wrists and the first two joints in both thumbs. As a result aiming my 6 1/2 inch S&W 610 is painful to aim but a 4 inch 625 is no problem at all.

As for manipulating slides, I can work the slide on my Ruger LC9S Pro but and cannot clear the chamber by ejecting the round out the ejection port, I have to drag the slide back and let the round fall out of the grip. On my 45 ACP 1911's I am at my limit for working the slide, if the pull were any harder I would need to use a table edge.

However my 9mm Ruger SR1911 is a total dream to shoot. The slide is so easy to move I and actually use a thumb and finger pinch and I can actually lock the slide back without resorting to a convenient table edge. Recoil is also nearly 22 rimfire mild in comparison to the 45 ACP. Note, mine is the Lightweight Commander so it carries easily. I'll also note that I haven't a clue about what Ruger used to coat the frame but with about 2000 rounds downrange there is not one single visible wear mark anywhere on the frame.

I'll also recommend the CZ 75-B. Don't have one but have shot a friends 75 and it's a splendid pistol with a great trigger. If they weren't so hard to find I'd have one.

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