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Glock 42 vs S&W M&P Shield 9mm (for the wife) Login/Join 
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I pocket carry a G42 in cargo shorts most of the summer months. It is very easy to conceal and a joy to shoot. Scary accurate for me and no recoil. Pick a good self defense round, practice and don't worry that a different caliber would be better to have. I frequently carry a 10mm in the winter, and don't feel that much better armed. I wouldn't want to be shot by a 380.

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Start with the Glock 42 (.380) and, once she is comfortable with that, consider moving up to a 9mm (Glock 43 or Shield or PPS or other).

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Originally posted by Photoman:
Start with the Glock 42 (.380) and, once she is comfortable with that, consider moving up to a 9mm (Glock 43 or Shield or PPS or other).

Sounds reasonable, but at current prices I'd still buy a Shield NOW. If it ends up in a backup role, it's no big loss.

Palmetto State Armory has Shields for $214 after rebate!

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I've owned the Shield (sold), and currently own the G42 and the G43.

My opinion is that she will love a G42. They are just so concealable, lightweight, and easy to shoot. Glock has worked out the problems from the earlier models, and they work fine now.

.380 vs 9MM doesn't matter. She will be able to shoot quicker and more accurately with .380. Its just such a nice, shoot-able platform.

I would absolutely recommend the G42 for your wife.

And yes, if you have the money, perhaps you should just pick up both. Especially considering the Shield is $218 right now. You could sell it a year from now, used, for $300, assuming they arnt running another rebate at that time.

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I haven't shot the shield but put some rubber talons on the 42 or 43 and they are very nice.
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I have no experience with the Shield, but I own a G42. I definitely recommend your wife try to shoot one and see what she thinks. As others have said, the recoil is negligible. It's a very pleasant shooting pistol and easy to shoot well.

It's one gun that always brings a smile to the face of whoever I've handed it over to run a magazine through at the range. I just about had to pry mine back away from my boss a few months ago. We did a .380 day at the range for lunch break and compared the G42 with a Colt Mustang and a Colt 1908 Pocket Hammerless. We both agreed the G42 was a much nicer shooter overall.
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If you're seriously considering the Shield, PSA has the regular 9mm version (with safety) on sale today for $274.99 with free shipping and a $75 rebate from S&W, bring your cost before any taxes and FFL fees to $199.99. I'm not associated with PSA, but I sure wish I could afford to pull the trigger on this today.

Note: Their e-mail says only a few left in stock, but as of this posting, the website still shows "In Stock."


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