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About 3 years ago, I purchased a Sig P320SC from my local fun shop. It was my first P320. I really loved the gun, but due to it's weight, capacity and the P365 coming out, it took a back seat in the carry rotation. When the X-Compact launched, I really wanted one and picked one up. Problem is I have no faith in the durability of the Romeo Optics and the Delta Point Pro sat too high for my liking. I wasn't comfortable with milling my original slide as I may still want to carry it again in SC form. I have a bunch of Grizzle leather for it too.

After some searching on the net, I found this company called Norsso out of Vegas. They make some wicked slides, cut for any optic you want. Reviews were good. I spoke to the company on several occasions asking all kinds of questions. They were responsive and very patient with me. Even gave me a 5% code to get me to pull the trigger. I settled on the pBantham X-Compact/SC slide. It arrived yesterday. I am very impressed! Finish is excellent and the fit is great. I pulled the guts (for now) from my SC slide and everything fit like it should. I will need to get a decent amount of rounds down range to make a better opinion, but so far, I am impressed.

Bought the X-Compact grip module off a sale at Osage and got the flat trigger from a member here for a killer price. My Trijicon Suppressor sights should be here from Brownells this afternoon. I'll get them installed and hopefully hit the range today or tomorrow morning. I am shopping around for another RMR as we speak. I'd like a Type 2 RMR06, but I don't want to pay full retail for one right now. I have a Type 1 on my Glock 19 build, but we will see.

This has been a fun build that will be on going for a bit. I eventually want to get a threaded barrel and get a can for it, but that will be a ways out. I have an order in from Nightingale leather for their OWB w/ RMR cut and TLR-7. That will be 28 weeks out though.


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I really like the look of the slide. I have a 320c I bought last year. I put the flat trigger and x-compact grip module on it. Fits my hand perfectly and I love the new trigger.

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Looking good.

While I don't have a P320 (yet) it wouldn't take long for me to shop for some Norsso goodness.

Please keep us posted with a range report when you can.

My other Sig is a Steyr...
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Wow I really like that slide. Great choice!
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I'm still waiting for a good deal on an RMR, so I ordered a blemished cover plate from Norsso last week and installed my Trijicon night sights. Took it to the range yesterday and put 150 rounds down range.

First 50 were Sig 115 grain FMJ. I was surprised that POI was really good. Top of iron height was held at the middle of my 4" stick on targets. POI was about 1/2" below the 1" black bullseye. Dots on sights to middle of target, blew out the black dot. This was at 7 yards.

Next 50 were Blazer Brass 124 grain FMJ. This is my main target load and enjoyed the less snap as compared to the Sig. POI was exactly the same at 7 yards.

Last 50 were my carry load. Federal HST 147 grain standard pressure. POI was the same as above. I wouldn't expect a huge difference at 7 yards.

No issues at all as I had always had with this P320. Recoil was what you would expect with a P320 of this size. Nothing really different from the norm. I will move out to greater distances with the irons in the future. I'm looking to max about 20-25 yards. Very impressed with this build so far. My plan is to leave it uncleaned for 1000 rounds of various quality ammo with just a wipe down of the weapon. That should suffice for my comfort to carry it. Never carried a non stock slide on a weapon. It may be overkill, but I'll sleep better.

I should have the Nightingale Griffon V OWB by the time I get the RMR and to 1k down range. I'm really exited about this rig!

Here are a few more pictures with the irons and cover plate:

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Great looking slide but the suppressor sight are certainly tall.

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