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It was easy for me to get hooked on SIGs. In 1978 when I hit 21, the first gun I bought was a Browning BDA in 45ACP. Did a lot of research … read every gun magazine article that I could find about the BDA. It was a gun that I had to have.

There were a lot of choices and a lot of guns on the market then … albeit not as many on the market then as there are now … but this one at that time really stood out from all the others at the local gun store. When I bought it, all the LEOs that worked with my late father questioned me as to why I didn’t get a Colt? When they shot my BDA, they knew why and were hooked too. Out of the box … 100% reliable and match grade accurate. Still have this gun (with the original box and owner’s manual).

In 2003 I bought a SIG P220. Little different but just as amazing out of the box. When I heard the Oriental Redneck and others on the SIG FORUM talk about the amazing work of The Sig Armorer, I kind of wondered if he could actually improve my SIG?

Short answer … oh yes.

I had Mr. Burke do his magic with his Competition Action Job and QTR Trigger. Amazing. The DA on my SIG compares to the action on my S&W 629 (no dash) that the late great Larry Kelly at MagNaPort tuned for me. Smooth. Very smooth. The single action is light and very crisp with a reset that is short and sweet. You can’t help but smile when this gun is your hand.

Lastly … when another late great Austin Behlert tuned my Browning Hi Power it took 13 months. Well worth the wait. That gun is a work of art. The Sig Armorer only took a couple of weeks and the work on my SIG P220 is as good as what Behlert did on my Browning!

So thank you Oriental Redneck and others for leading me to Mr. Burke and his magic. Your advice is much appreciated.
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Took my Two-Tone 224 DAK and my Two-Tone 220 to the range today. Both are Burke tuned. 10, 9, and 8 rings at 25 yds...even the DAK! Those triggers sing...

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Robert Burke’s turn-around time and customer communication are both superb. As is the quality of his work.

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I'm on my 4th burke. Just sent another 228 to him last week.

He's a great smith. Plus, a really nice guy.


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All my current pistols, all three sizes of Beretta PX4’s and my P30 pair have his tuning. All excellent.

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As mentioned before Robert does great work.
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When Q talks, I listen, and he gives Robert's work his HIGHEST recommendation.

I have an '03 P226 with German frame and stainless slide that will go to Robert this year for his duty/carry package and QTR. I'll sell a kidney or pick up cans if I have to.

Thanks for the feedback on his excellent work.
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