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Crockett: 229 Legion, Tubbs: Python &/or Shockwave!
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Key points to remember...

1) The movie was an insult to Miami Vice fans the world over. My head hurts just thinking about it.

2) Crockett can NOT be adequately portrayed by any foreign actor. Colin Farrell? NO! Just No... I'm thinking Matthew McConaughey would make for a great Crockett.

3) Crockett favors a big bore or magnum of some sort as a primary arm.

4) Crockett is a Ferrari man. It would be sacrilege to put him in anything else.

5) Whatever Crockett carried would ride in a Miami Classic/Jackass shoulder carry rig.

Crockett is smart enough to know Zev Glocks suck.

On one hand, the new STIs like the Costa Carry Comp would be an option. As mentioned above, it would likely have to be stainless or chrome. I also think Crockett would likely opt for something even more high end.

My guess is he'd likely carry something along the lines of an SVI:

Though I would imagine it would be toned down to a more business like version with a few less embellishments. He'd likely opt for the integral compensator built into the island barrel. It would also need co witnessing tritium iron sights in the dot on dot configuration, because Crockett would not trust an electronic sight without backup irons.

For a back-up... Nope, Crockett won't be having any common Glock or P365. Even back in the day, he rocked a Detonics on his ankle. So it would have to be something similarly unique.

A Boberg perhaps:

My guess is Crockett/Burnett would be arriving on scene in a sweet preowned Ferrari 488:

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Crockett might wanna Ferrari but Burnett was forced to settle for a Corvette-based kit car.

Hard to be picky when the taxpayers are footin’ the bill.
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Let’s keep it traditional
Crockett with Sig p220 elite 5 inch in 10mm or 45acp backup gun Sig 938 in ankle holster
Tubbs with a mossberg shockwave and a kimber k6 revolver
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Balaam's Ass
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Crockett gonna be Crockett. Lets just get Tubbs a 3'' Stainless Chaippa Rhino. Then replace that AOW with a nice V3 TAC-13 Wink

God bless America...and no one else
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Originally posted by FHHM213:
Originally posted by monoblok:
Originally posted by FHHM213:

No...just no...friends don't let friends drive, let alone own, McLarens. The Taurus (the gun company, not the Ford) of the supercar world.

You need to recall the context.

Crockett didn’t have a car; Burnett had the car.

What would a player in Miami drive (that was within the budget of a municipality that was already reluctant to splurge for an undercover identity)?

If not a McLaren; then a Lambo. Something flashy that would appeal to a Guido. That’s the context.

Speaking of recalling, the white Testarossa in the TV show storyline was a respray of a confiscated black Testarossa from an earlier episode. Other than a paint job, that Ferrari didn't cost the make-believe muni a thing. Certainly spared Crockett/Burnett further indignation of "hi-rollin'" it in that old Chevy Apache pickup...

Same sort of backstory could be the case if Crockett/Burnett were to rock a SF90 Stradale (my suggestion) today. Some high rollin' smuggler/arms dealer/Grade A lowlife gets nabbed, stuff confiscated, and then repurposed. EZ-peezy. No sleazy VW-Lambo needed. Wink

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The only thing good about the movie was the Adam A500 (

I enjoyed the show.
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I always wondered who paid the bills for oil changes, tires and routine maintenance for that Testarossa. Did the drug dealer that they seized it from provide a maintenance and repair budget?

No one's life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session.- Mark Twain
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Id love to see them relaunch it - have someone from the original cast take the lieutenant seat - or pull in David Caruso - he kinda has that brooding Castillo feel...

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