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How does one tell the size of the grip, are they marked somewhere?
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Initially there were only two sizes and they differed in appearance. Then a smaller one appeared that was similar to the medium. There may be photos on the internet. AFAIK, they were never marked except for a p/n perhaps.

Here: Large on right, Medium on left.

SIGProGrips by GaryBF, on Flickr
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No guarantee that the markings mean what I believe they do, but the small for mine is marked 1600002 and the medium is 1600003.

As GaryBF showed, the Large has a rubberized inset, and is a fair bit larger than the medium. The difference between medium and small is less noticeable, but the medium has more material on the back strap, a little more of a hump where the small is more flat.

The numbers:

Side by side:

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