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Acquired a couple of new .44 Magnums.

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Got to love those 5-1/2” barrels!

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Very nice. I have several myself.


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Very nice. I am really starting to get into the single action guns. I just acquired a 357 Blackhawk like yours and they look and feel incredible. Congrats on the pair.
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Nice pair of hand cannons!

Regards From Sunny Tucson,

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Great lookin' pair...and eminently servicable in the way-back-of-beyond where wet conditions are a daily hazard to blued steel and walnut. Stainless is always a good choice there.

I've been a Ruger SA fan since my first BH purchased new for ~$87 IIRC, in '66 while still in college. A 6-1/2", it was very accurate, but the bbl. length did not work well for carry in Colorado's back country. I swapped it off for a 4-5/8", which turned out to be nearly as accurate and far easier to tote around.

All that said, I've currently got four .44 Spl's and an Anniversary .44 Magnum, and three are 4-5/8" bbl's, one a 5-1/2" and the Magnum is a 6-1/2".

While I prefer the 4-5/8's, a better compromise while still allowing ease of carry, is the 5-1/2. It's not so long as to poke you in the short ribs while seated on any modern conveyance, yet long enough with an extended inter-sight distance that gives good practical accuracy. It hits that sweet spot right on the mark.

One of my .44 Special Flat Tops is a 4-5/8" bbl'd Stainless Steel model, and, truth be told, usually gets more use here on our farm, when doing the daily chores. It's as accurate as the others, and goes a full day in any weather conditions without a worry, tho, I'd like it a bit more if it were an inch longer!

Best regards, Rod

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Two of my three .44 Magnum handguns. Only two are Rugers, the other is a T/C Contender.

Ruger Super Redhawk

Ruger Super Blackhawk

T/C Contender

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Nice! My fluted 5.5" Super Blackhawk is one of my favorites. Little bit older 86 prefix.
I love wood grips but have some Pacmayrs on mind and carry it in a chest holster.
You have some fine looking Rugers enjoy.
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Beautiful guns. I have a 7.5 inch Redhawk. I'd prefer the 5.5. I dont have a Blackhawk yet, but I will...

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When it comes to revolvers I could be called a S&W guy, but I've only kept one 44Mag revolver over the years and it's a Ruger Bisley in 44Mag.

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Wait, what?
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At some point I hope to acquire a Redhawk to cartridge match my many .44 mag rifles, two of which are Rugers themselves.

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My first 44 was a 5 1/2" Redhawk back in 1983. Wish I still had it. Frown

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Just mobilize it
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I like my Redhawk much more now that I changed to the Pachymar grips that cover the previously exposed blackstrap. With full house Buffalo bore loads it helps!
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