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What are the experiences folks have with the P320 Apex Advanced Trigger and Trigger bar? Good, bad or indifferent? Thanks.

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I had a $50 credit at Apex from my original Curved Advanced Trigger. I had purchased a new Curved Advanced Trigger for one of my upgraded P320s. When I got my second one back, Apex had just announced their Trigger Bar. I decided to go ahead and spend the extra $75 bucks to get the Trigger Bar along with the Advanced Curved Trigger for the second gun. I won't say it's the best $75 I ever spent, but it's the best $75 I've spent recently.


The Advanced Curved Trigger profile is flatter than a factory curved trigger and curvier than a flat trigger. I like it better than either of the extremes.

The trigger bar kit is actually three pieces. The trigger bar, a bushing that slides over the stock over-travel pin, and a tiny spring to keep the bushing from sliding side to side on the pin.

I don't have a real trigger scale, but with my "redneck trigger scale" I estimate about 5.5 pounds using the center of the trigger and 4.5 pounds at the end of the trigger.

The shot breaks at the same spot as the Apex Advanced Trigger without the bar, which is about the same spot (or just a bit behind) as a factory trigger.

The over-travel is definitely reduced.

The "feel" or “click” of the reset is about the same. It also happens at about the same spot as it did with the factory parts or with just the Apex trigger. Since the over travel is reduced, the travel back to the reset point is also reduced.

I think take-up has also been reduced a bit.

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