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My 43 is my ccw gun and it works great. The slightly extended "tang" was the part that sold me. I don't get slide bite and it conceals easily.
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I go back and forth between the G43 and the Kahr PM9. Both are excellent choices for pocket carry and when something bigger can't be used.

I started with a CM9 which I eventually sold and picked up the G43. As much as I like the Kahr trigger I have issues with the long pull and how far back it breaks toward the frame. This made me frequently pull down and to the left. I also tended to short stroke the reset. I regretted selling it and eventually picked up a PM9 that I found for a good deal.

I don't have that issue with the G43. The trigger break is definitely heavier than other Glocks but I don't have a problem with it. I did still get Glock Knuckle with mine but eventually took a dremel to it and while better it is still not perfect.

IMHO both are ultra reliable and you can't go wrong with either. Everyone should have one or the other if not both!
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The Shield is a better choice for me. The G43 was too small for my liking.
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Mine worked great and shot well. But I traded it for a .40 P239.

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G43 is my primary carry.


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I only carry it when I am in dress attire which is next to never. I would rather have my g26L with a 19 mag for a spare or my G19 with a 17 mag as a spare. The 43 only makes sense to me in a very few special circumstances. I will always opt for the larger gun whenever possible.

For ME:
DA/SA= Sig 9mm
Striker fired= Glock 9mm
If it's a .45= 1911
Suppressed= HK in .45
I like anything in 10mm

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My 43 is in my active rotation and loaded with HST 147gr. HP. Great pistol.
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I had one and a S&W Shield. When I needed money I had to sell one, so the 43 went since I shot the Shield better.

In retrospect I regret getting rid of it. I may sell my LCP II and put that $$ towards another 43. I would like to do it right next time and add TFX sights, talon grips, apex trigger shoe, and some mag extensions.

They are god guns, as are Shields, Kahrs, and PPS's.

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I like mine, but it's not as great as I hoped it would be in my hands. I'm a better shot with my G42, and the 42 feels better in hand. I really wanna like the 43 more, but I don't. At least not now. When the Shields came out I hated the feel of the grip of them and then they grew on me. Perhaps the G43 will too. I put Ameriglo cap sights on and some talons, which help in feel and target acquisition though for some reason I'm not shooting lasers like I do with my other Glocks.
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I sold mine. Never had my problems with it, but I can conceal the 26 just as easily and I just didn’t carry the 43 all that much. The 26 shoots so much more nicely for me with a lot more rounds on tap.
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Still like. Carry often.

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Still have mine. No problems. It's on my hip in Spring and Summer. On my ankle in Fall and Winter, I carry something fullsize and double stacked on my hip in the colder months.

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Yup, carrying it as I type this. The 26 never felt good to me, however I plan on seeing how the Gen 5 feels.
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The G43 is my constant companion. It's so perfect for my needs that I bought a second one to mount a TLR6 on and carry IWB when I don't pocket carry the one I have without a light.

Prior to the G43 I pocket carried a Kahr PM9 for years. The PM9's tendency to vomit rounds from spare mags really bothered me, as did it's flippy recoil. I find the G43 much better in every way except size.

Mine wears Trijicon HD night sights and a Haley Strategic trigger. Two spare magazines fit easily in the back pocket with Vickers Tactical +2 extended baseplates.

Stay away from ETS G43 mags!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a bunch of them and not one of the seven I ordered worked.
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G43 is fantastic and my EDC but, my first Sig, The P365 may upstage it....Preordered and awaiting.
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I have been carrying my 43 with Taran Tactical +1 and 10-8 sights for two or three (can't remember) trouble free years, I don't see anything else out there that could replace it.

David W.

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I moved on (well back to Kahr).

Couldn't shoot good groups out of the 43. It was 100% reliable, and I shot several different ones but had zero luck with them.

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Really like mine, bought a second one.
Only mods so far are Trijicon's on both and got the Vicker's +2 mag extensions.
These are the only Glocks I own.
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I love mine. Trijicon HD sights.

Dad confiscated it from me. Why? Because he gave his lady friend his G-42 until she can get something.....
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I started with Kahr PM9 along with several co workers. All of them had failure to go in to battery at one time or another. Mine started having the slide lock back with rounds in the mag after about 5 years for some odd reason. I paid stupid money for the first Shield that came out and was perfectly happy with it. The 43 came out and I carried it and the Shield for awhile. then I realized I could pocket carry the 43 and could not the Shield. Shield was sold. Although I am tempted to try the 2.0 in .45 for fun. I decided to not buy the P365 to try just yet. So yes, still have the 43
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