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A friend asked if I might be interested in purchasing his 9mm P08 Luger, 120mm barrel, made by Mauser in the 70’s. The pistol is in pristine shape. I’ve always been curious about the P08 and before I take the conversation further, wanted to ask the forum what the P08 recoil is like. I’ve read widely differing accounts from snappy to extremely light to “different”. I’m not recoil sensitive but greatly dislike shooting blowback pistols including the Walther PP/PPK, Sig P232 stainless & Beretta 84/85 series - of course all of those were in .380 ACP.
Your feedback on the P08’s toggle lock recoil is appreciated.
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Been a while since I shot a Luger but I don't recall it being any heavier felt recoil than the next 9mm.

But is the gun unfired?
If not "Ol' pal, ol' buddy, ol' frien, lemme try that thing out before I make up my mind.
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I have no shooting experience with a P08 but without even considering the toggle taking some of the recoil force you are dealing with a 2 pound steel pistol in 9mm that feels great in the hand. I cannot imagine it being punishing. Like I said though I have not shot only handled.

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It's not bad at all. On par with most 9mm full sized pistols I'd say.
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The recoil is not bad on mine at all it just feels
a bit different because of the grip angle and the rest of the pistol. They are very accurate but takes a bit getting used to the feel.
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Agree 100% with jeeperxd about recoil. My late father in law gave me a shooter grade Luger almost 40 years ago that I enjoy shooting on a regular basis. It is comfortable and fun to take to the range, especially with new shooters. Seems like everyone wants to fire a Luger.

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Recoil is not bad. I have one and have shot it beside a Browning Hi Power and do not notice much difference. I think the main question should be how much does he want for it. They are not making them anymore. I think any basic pistol collection should have a Luger. I don't shoot mine much, but I am glad to have it.
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The Mauser Parabellum pistols from the 1970s are very well made and reliable Luger reproductions that are a pleasure to shoot.

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Recoil is not a problem, but the sights are terrible.

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The P 08 is not a blow-back pistol but fires from a locked breech. It is a beautiful gun, but is complicated and somewhat fragile. Recoil is not an issue.
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the sights are terrible

I agree with you, Gary. But then again, what pistol in that era had good sights?

The older I get, the more I think previous generations must have had much better eyesight. Big Grin
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Shot a WWII bring back that my friends father liberated. Shot it a lot.
Very moderate in recoil.
Sights were not great, but the gun was accurate.
The toggle obscures the sights during recoil which bothers some people, but not me.

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Dakor, I dislike the snappy recoil pf the straight blowback .380s too. I've owned two Lugers, and a bunch of other 9mm pistols. Recoil with the Lugers is no different than any other locked breech 9mm pistol of similar weight and size. The Luger grip is very comfortable and secure feeling to me, more so than some other 9mm pistols I've owned or shot. I would rather shoot a locked breech 9mm Luger than a blow back .380 any day.....ymmv

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Thanks to All who responded. Looks like I need to take a drive and shoot my buddy’s Luger this weekend. I’m intrigued by the Werle Luger & may have to investigate what smithing options he provides (sights, toggle release/safety and bull barrels), if I end up smitten by the pistol.
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I own one of the post war Mauser Luger, and have for quite a while now. It makes it to the range often, and is a comfortable shooter. These Lugers are becoming collectible now days, and if the OP purchases one, you may not want to alter it due to that very thing.....$$$$.

The sights are small, but easily usable. They are not fragile, but like to be kept clean and lubed. Most Lugers shoot far better than their owners.....I know mine do.
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