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I bought an MR920 Elite non-threaded around Thanksgiving last year, and also bought a threaded barrel directly from Shadow Systems.

The optic mounting system is the best on the market, IMO. To get it so low, they had to shorten the extractor plunger and backstop it with a pin instead of the backplate. Otherwise the extractor and spring are the same as Glock, as are all other parts. The ability to take all the major optics without adapter plates, with little spacers to close gaps and create a snug fit is ingenious.

What sold me was the straight backstrap and slightly reduced grip with all the undercuts and reliefs. It fits and points so much better than any Glock for me that I sold all my centerfire Glocks and have only a G44 left. It's good to have one G19 sized pistol that takes Glock mags. I might add an MR920L if I see one. Otherwise, between the HK's and Sigs and assorted other novelties, I'm good.
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I ended up buying an FN 509 C Tactical instead of the MR920. Something about it - it just fits my hand perfectly. Even better than the 920.

I watched some reviews and everyone really likes them for the most part. I hope it’s a good shooter and is reliable.

It came with a Vortex RDS which I may end up changing out. I’m still trying to warm up to it.
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