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The Lehigh valley 65 grain round has some good velocities and penetration. Been doing a lot of research but the Underwood site says to buy a small amount of this for P238s & Ruger LCPs because these two pistols have had some problems feeding and ejecting this round. At $1.50 a round that's a ton of cash for me to feel good about my backup pistols ability to perform @100%. Anyone here tried this load? Hornady makes a load with the same bullet at lower pressure and no warnings about functioning in any pistols. For winter in New England I switch from .380 Gold Dots to FMJ ammo. Any thoughts on these loads. I heard rumors that in 2015 the bullet was changed slightly to better accommodate the two pistols. The ballistics are great but it would cost me hundreds of dollars in ammo to see if it cycles 100%. Any thoughts?
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I can't comment on the loads you mentioned, but the top recommended .380ACP self defense loads I've seen are the Hornady 90gr XTP and the Federal 90gr Hydrashock.

Hope that helps.

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The Underwood Penetrator & Defender feed fine through my Kel-Tec P3AT.

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