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I bought a case of Fiocchi 9mm 115 grain FMJ some time back and it was clearly underpowered. It had problems cycling my Sig P226, and had considerably less recoil on some of the rounds. All of my other ammunition never had a problem with this firearm. Do I have any recourse with the manufacturer? Thanks
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In the past I have had problems with wrinkled brass, upside down primers and bullets set back.
Various makers. In all cases, I called the manufacturer or distributor and the box of ammo was replaced. No hassle.
Should work with Fiocchi too. Try it.

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Why do you automatically assume it's the ammo? Can't be the Sig, right? Have you tried shooting the ammo in other pistols? If it fails to work in every pistol you try it in then it's probably the ammo. If it functions in any other pistol you try it in then you know it's your Sig.

BTW, it's not Fiocchi's problem if you buy a case of their ammo without testing a box or two before buying in bulk, is it? You just chose...poorly. Live and learn.
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I've had nothing but bad luck with Fiocchi. Cheap stuff IMO, I learned the hard way.

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Chronograph readings would probably lend some credibility to your argument.

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