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If you received an email from Sig today announcing a Fathers Day Sale which included ammo, don't waste your time like I did checking it out. Here is an example: 9mm 115 V-Crown reg. $19.99 on SALE for only $19.29. I'm not kidding, a savings of .70!

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Geesh...a 3.5% savings? Let's hurry to the bank and deposit that so we can buy another postage stamp.

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I know right....I was like you you Sig
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and their sale price is still $4 more than Cabela's regular price.
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Most places around here sell the Sig products for less, and they'd need to, to be competitive.

Last time I bought off the Sig website, going for some of their good deals, they closed the sale, sent me the electronic receipt by email, then the packages never came. I kept checking, and eventually found the orders got cancelled. When I enquired, I was told that they'd sold all the which I said that's fine, just send me what I ordered at the price I ordered.

Sig then told me my orders had been cancelled because they were flagged as fraudulent. I asked how that could be and was told they didn't know; the computer did it for them.

I asked how my orders had been accepted, and how I had a transaction number and order number and confirmation email, and how it had taken weeks to determine the orders to be fraudulent, and Sig couldn't answer that. Then Sig decided that I'd ordered too much. I asked why an order limit wasn't given. Sig couldn't answer that, either.

Sig finally agreed to fill the orders (I'd placed four orders). They filled three, left one cancelled, and later came back and told me that my orders had been cancelled because they were placed from outside the country. Still not correct; I wasn't outside the country.

I wasn't particularly impressed.
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Are there Academy stores near you? I believe they sell this ammo.
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